Let's all be random, shall we?

Oh, Ouch.

Actually, I don’t think “ouch” covers it.

Yeah, so… It’s been just about a month since I last posted, which makes my mind hurt, seeing as how I really haven’t been too busy..

Anyway, I’ve been challenged by someone I know to write a romance one-shot and, as you all know, this Maya is romantically challenged. Since she challenged me, I’m going to challenge you.

Teach this Maya how to write effective romance! If you do it, I’ll draw a fully edited, awesomely photoshopped picture for you!

Take as much time as you want… As long as it is this year xD

Oh, my gosh… So, seeing as it has been so long, I will tell you what next month’s CHALLENGE is. It’s a 30 day Challenge!

I thought it would be a cute counterpart to December’s daily Challenge 🙂

I’ll tell you the themes now, since I know everyone is busy with exams, final projects, and getting summer courses in order. This isn’t a true daily challenge since I’m not giving out prompts day by day (that would be so cool though) but humour me and post one a day xD

Oh! Just to say, my birthday is on the 22! That’s why I put birthday down there on the 22nd 🙂

You know how it works! I’ve tried to make each day something easy to work with, and will fit together well into a coherent story that will take place within a month. REMEMBER, THEY’RE ALL SEPARATE DAYS, AND THE DAY OF THE WEEK IS IMPORTANT (unless they don’t go to work or school… in which case, not so much, but think, how many people are going to be on a beach on a Tuesday in comparison to a Saturday?)

  1. (Fri) Sun
  2. (Sat) Sprinkler
  3. (Sun) Lightning
  4. (Mon) Candlelight
  5. (Tues) Bubbles
  6. (Wed) Blanket
  7. (Thurs) Pitter Patter
  8. (Fri) Crystal
  9. (Sat) Lazy
  10. (Sun) Sounds
  11. (Mon) Watermelon
  12. (Tues) Ants
  13. (Wed) Sandals
  14. (Thurs) Blooms
  15. (Fri) Squirt
  16. (Sat) Fireflies
  17. (Sun) Glamour
  18. (Mon) Split and Fray
  19. (Tues) Bounce
  20. (Wed) Summer (This is when summer starts this year)
  21. (Thurs) Midnight (This is the longest day of the year)
  22. (Fri) Birthday (YAY ME, BIRTHDAY! And an exam, :c)
  23. (Sat) Sea
  24. (Sun) Jars
  25. (Mon) Heat
  26. (Tues) Ice
  27. (Wed) Welcome
  28. (Thurs) Splatter
  29. (Fri) Off
  30. (Sat) Anticipation

Awesomesauce yes? 😀

Derp :<

Also, in order to make up for my untimeliness, I shall include something I wrote for Shades of Grey.


Creation of new vampires is done by transfer of power, the more power, the higher quality the creation will be. This is why only higher levels of vampires are inclined to attempt (aka, halfblood and above, generally) as the lack of power in one being makes a mindless monster that seeks more energy through the consumption of blood. Eventually, the body would either starve or overload itself and decompose itself into nothing. Notably, there have been cases of the infected to show further potential, as the added energy simply acted as a catalyst for their own reserves. However, those are exceedingly few because of the innate weakness of humans. The point of limit varies from case to case, however beings with higher percentages of vampiric blood exhibit much higher limits than the ones with dilute blood, and the amount seems to increase exponentially. Birth into vampirism show that a large number of the resulting offspring show at least traces of superior power, with more than half having signs of potential, more so if the vampiric traits come from the mother. However, this is not always the case. A halfblood could, in theory, produce a quarter that, born with very high amounts of energy, will outstrip the parent and possibly ones with much higher percentages of vampiric blood.

A notable difference in the two identified are in relation to the “parent” as in the former ‘creation’ situation, the parent is giving up part of their own power in order to create the new vampire. In terms of birth, the child is its own power and gene, as it carries the required blood.

Hendor, Selvia. Survival: Vampires. Genealogy of Vampires: the Nuances. 2056, Hildeshime, Germany. Trans. By Flinn, Kaylee.


The occasion of interbreeding between what the majority of the population believe are fantastical beings are rare, in the nature of things, such should be impossible, as they each have distinct bloodlines and composition of energies and powers within that separates them from us, the humans. But before I jump into the issue of such mingling of species, I should tell you the how and why they differ from us, and how we differ from the day to day population.

Firstly, the overall structure of each race is the same. Blood to represent energy, the fuel in the equation, the mind to represent direction, which enables us to make use of the energy and direct it into power, and thirdly, the soul, memories and actions to give a so called personality to the power; they exist in everything, and everyone.

The basic human is one of untapped potential potential. It has the components of the final product, the enhanced speed, agility, simple and raw power that the other races seem to possess. It is in them that all the parts are separate, dormant; and those that have sufficient raw workings within them, and place the two together, that they become what we are. The power we produce is neutral, not inclined to either offensive or regenerative. And through different mediums of weaponry or spells, we can gear it towards either direction.

[Student] Then what of Vampires? How is theirs mixed?

…into the topic of vampires. They are noted as a rather well rounded blend of the two. They are able to heal with relative efficiency, but are placed very snugly into the realm of offensive power. They, along with most other creatures tie in the third, the “soul” per say. And sad to say, humans don’t have enough life source to simply use away like that sustainably. The addition of the soul gives the actual power a property, an inclination to the direction the power wants to go. Like this, the mind part of the production of power is lessened, and instead used more on providing a proper channel through which the power can manifest into the complete extent of what it is. In truth, we waste 50 to 60% in the facet of incorrect passageways through which our produced energy is used.

On a flip side, the werewolves, though rather aggressive, are geared more towards a defensive approach. They instead wrap themselves in the power in the form of fur and much of what they have are placed in wearing down an enemy before they strike. Not to say that they are not fast or extremely strong, but that is their focus.

In terms of a full offensive race, there is none comparable to the demons. They have volatile power and usually are very quick to finish a battle. They specialize in either quick, directional attacks that utilize fully their speed, or have massive, nearly omnipotent attacks that is meant to completely destroy everything it touches. For those of you who play games, I believe the terms are assassin to mage. And in accordance, they have very little defensive ability, and a small number have high regenerative abilities. However, they are on good terms with the faeries, who specialize heavily on healing and restoration.

Now, if we mix the different types of power together, they likely won’t react well together, and one of three things can happen. First, there is utter rejection, and the two cancel each other out; a second is one overpowers the other, which usually happens as offensive ability is recessive; and a third is co-existence, which, as imagined, can create quite a monster.

Union lecture by Prof. D. Blackwood.  Lecture transcript by Lacris, Helen.  Interracial Relations and Power Theory.

 Did I just make you read an essay? Yes, yes I did.

Signing out~



2 responses

  1. You’ve returned….again ^.^ May is always such a hectic month, school becomes too demanding >.< I'd love to help you with your challenge of writing a romance one shot but I don't exactly consider myself certified enough to do so. Lol I know it sounds odd but I'm such an angsty writer and I don't like romance though I can occasionally write it. I don't feel like I can get it flow right but I plan on doing a ton of writing this summer so I can be more comfortable with that genre. And I have to work on writing with more voice since my English teacher keeps tearing me up about that.

    I'll try my hand at this challenge, my creative juices may not start following until mid June though. When I'm in my writing mood I'll stay up until the wee hours in the morning writing. For some reason I write better early morning, around 4 or 5. See the excerpt you wrote has a lot of voice in my opinion, I think it's due to your creative diction and syntax. Your writing is very engaging, you know how to capture a reader.

    May 27, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    • xD I’m glad that you’re here! May is a taxing month, the teachers seem to be at war with eachother for your time 😐

      I don’t know, your romance stories are far superior to anything I might be able to acheive. One of my friends has coined “romantically constipated” just for me :<

      I'm so glad xD That's three people doing this Challenge besides myself, and I'd love to see your take on this! It'll be glorious! Outstanding! Likened to the great tales if the Ody- I should shut up :L

      Thank you, it means quite something more to hear from another who writes that I've accomplished my goal, rather than everyone being distinctly unhelpful when I ask for critique. Voice is difficult to work on, no matter the skill, since there needs to be a moment of "click" when personality shows in the writing.

      Personally, I'd rather say that I have a limited vocabulary and is forced to make do with what I have, sad, but true. How I try for voice is know what I want to say, and say it in the most socially awkward way possible. Or, when writing characters, I pause and speak to myself in my head (or out loud, which usually is not the best option) for a few minutes, and then start writing. Like, if I'm trying for a professor who is getting in on his years, I tend to imagine a british accent, constantly pulling at his scarce hair, and glasses. I latch onto details and try to hid that I have no clue what I'm doing xD

      😛 I'd love to say that I write brilliantly all the time, but that's just not true. I tend to draw the best when I'm dead tired, and I write the best when I'm cold, probably something about the sun making me sleepy.

      Wahahaha, again, I'd just love to see your hand at this challenge! (I'm going to try my damnedest to finish this time!)

      May 27, 2012 at 10:13 pm

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