Let's all be random, shall we?

Month of June: Sprinkler

2) Sprinkler

For someone as punctual and military as Kassen Vante, he seemed to enjoy lazy weekends more than anyone should. A complete contrast from the tight schedule of waking at six and sleeping at eleven, the Kassen on Saturday tended to sleep well into the afternoon.

Aurua spared a glance to the window, staring at the rows of large houses, and well cared for yards. The neighborhood they lived in was a quiet place, filled with well to do people from all walks of life. Though all the homes were by no means small, Kassen insisted that they live in the largest of them all, a three story mansion that covered the entirety of the end of the cul de sac.

“Hmm, two in the afternoon, I think that’s enough water to the grass.” Already, the sprinklers had been on for the past three hours, and any more water seemed to be useless. With a firm nod, Aurua padded outside to turn the two knobs that supplied water to the various sprinklers that dotted the lawn.

Just as she leaned down to turn the first faucet, the sound of laughter drifted across her ears, several high voices shrieking their joy to the sky. She followed the happy sound, and peeked around the bend of the house to spot six children from different households making a game of leaping under the sweeps of water, knowing no other than the feel of cool droplets falling onto their skin.

Her feet carried her to the patio overlooking the front yard, leaving behind her intention of cutting the water supply.  Who was she to deny the children of their play? She observed their process of making games as they go along with a slightly longing eye, and she ran her thumb across the surface of a diamond ring.

Perhaps one day, she would have children who would light up the neighborhood with giggles of their own.

D’aww, yes, say it with me, d’aww!

Okay, it was crap, I know, but at least I got my point across!



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