Let's all be random, shall we?

Month of June Challenge: Lightning

3) Lightning

Aurua sat, waiting for the tall, graceful, umbrella carrying form of Kassen to arrive, and then chuckling as he ran his fingers through her hair, amused by her concern. Then, right afterwards, she would feel embarrassed and deny that she had waited or worried at all.

But for now, she’ll keep waiting.

She nibbled on her nail, finding no other way to distract herself from just how extremely late he was getting home. It was a routine business meeting in the next city, an inconsequential three hour drive separating them, and yet…

She feared.

The house wasn’t dark, and she was in no way afraid of a natural phenomenon such as a thunderclap, but the chill of worry didn’t leave her bones, and the buzzing white light of the kitchen only made the world seem paler, losing the colour of confidence in troves.

A distraction.  She wrung her hands together, but moved to grab a book from a nearby shelf. Yes, a distraction is what I need.

Just as the soft tenors of imagined voices and drifting scents of tea soothed her frazzled nerves, the door slammed open, and the terrifying image of a shadow of a man, tall and dripping with water wearing an ill fitted coat, seemingly seeking refuge from the storm.

No umbrella, no suitcase, no irritatingly perfect hair.

Who was this?

A streak of lightning split the weeping sky, the slap of rain an indistinguishable staccato against the stone of the entrance. Silver strands glowed for the mere moment the lightning had existed, but that seemed enough.


He grunted in response, clearly unhappy with the state of his image.

All vestiges of her worry now proven unfounded, she allowed the tenseness of her muscles to dissipate and she fell easily into more familiar territory of light teasing. She grasped the long braided rope of his hair and twisted, leaving a puddle of earthy smelling water on previously pristine floors.

“You look like a drowned bunny! In fact, you remind me of that rabbit I used to own, whose body is 99% fluff!” Aurua carried laugher in her eyes, obviously imagining how he would look with the ears and buck teeth.

The death glare he deemed worthy to impart upon her wasn’t the most frightening when she still compared him to the fluffy animal who could do about as much damage as talent Kassen possessed over the stove.


Man, is it just me or can I not write at all lately? :c



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