Let's all be random, shall we?

Again!? Where’s My Challenge Stories?

Well, you saw right, this isn’t a Challenge story, but another interjection.


It is relevant!

I’m going to show you my design process of Kassen Vante!

(I wonder if I can entitle this section “Kassen Revealed”? Hmm…)

Pardon typos and spelling mistakes, I’m working from my ipod here D: (Which has been shattered on the right side…)

Part One: The Name

Kassen was actually a character from Prodigy (which is what the Rainbow series was based off of) A fantasy world of my own making. The main character of Prodigy is Astera Cerivante (ah-s-teh-rah sei-re-va-n-teh) who does eventually leave her home city to extract revenge from her elder brother, Tenkase who she thinks had a hand in the incapacitation of her younger brother, Kasen Cerivante.

So, thus, I added another “s” and kept only the “Vante” to create the name you see now.

Part Two: The Look

Kassen Vante, contrary to how his hair suggests, is a strapping 2x year old. Why does he have long silver hair? Who knows!

I’m just kidding.

I was doing the sketch with pencil at school and I was too lazy to colour it. So his hair’s white.

Just kidding again!

The real reason is that I based his off of Kasen, who, because of human experimentation in Prodigy, has lost all the pigment in his hair and looks legitimately albino because the whole family has silver eyes. Neglect has allowed his hair to grow out of control and long, so I kept that part too.

His eyes I had changed to “gold” because I wanted a colour that could exist, but still like the silver from the other story, thus, precious metals, done.

His NTK (Need to know) stats go like this:

Height: 187cm
Weight: 150ish? I dunno…
Hair/eye: white/very light brown (gold)
Wears glasses sometimes. Wears contacts for work.

Part 3: The Personality

At this point, it’s not solid, since, like I said before, I develop main characters as I go along.  But, I can tell you a summarized version of the personality traits I gathered from what I’ve already written.

(At this point, I just realized I may have unconsciously based him off of Sesshomaru from Inuyasha at this point. :L Wow, I’m retarded)

As the heir to a multibillion dollar company for applicable technology, he’s a self confident, well learned individual. He’s also developed a problem of being used to being better than everyone around him, a superiority complex. Kassen sees no point in wasting breath on people, thus, short, clipped sentences. Straight to the point and as blunt as a plastic spoon. (You see what I did ther- *shot*) He’s pretty petty, and can hold grudges for days until his ego’s stroked again, or bribe him with various foods from Phantasy Cafe.

Very used to a schedule, as his childhood was based off of a set timetable, but on weekends (especially Saturdays) all bets are off and he’s asleep till three in the afternoon.

He’s nice to a point, and very nice to people he doesn’t deem inadequate. When he feels like it.


Likes: Sweets, spicy foods, reading, punctuality, and co-operative keyboards.

Dislikes: Cats, messiness, loudness, and “stupid people”.


That’s all I got, so… xD


(GUYS, I GOT THIS. I’m posting 4 and 5. Check 4 to see my circumstances.)

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