Let's all be random, shall we?

Month of June: Bubbles

5 (Tues) Bubbles

A green bottle was held firmly in her hand, the half full container sloshing slightly with each step. Sharp tapping came from a nondescript white and black cubicle, a sure indication that its owner was hard at work.

A likely victim, excellent.

No one noticed her creeping form, the hour set too firmly in their “nothing’s-going-to-happen” time of work. She’ll prove them wrong, oh yes, very, very wrong.

Her turquoise eyes peered over the flimsy wall, grinning at how innocent the brown haired man was, typing with impressive speed the codes that were needed to make the newest machine design work.

Hard at work, even better.

Her hair fluttered about her shoulders as she ducked, the ten or so people in the vicinity none the wiser. Cackling on the inside, she uncapped the green bottle, and carefully emptied as much as she could into a plastic firearm. Looking at the weapon, loaded with the slightly viscous liquid, her lips curled into a cattish grin, can she burst from the shelter of the cubicle wall.

“For the LULZ!”

The trigger was pulled.

A stream of bubbles burst forth, and with every pull of the mechanism, another barrage was let loose upon the unsuspecting man’s head. One Teraus Kaugsburg stress level has been eliminated! Mission complete! It was a happy occasion!

“Ow! That hurt!”

Though she thought slightly otherwise when a well-aimed eraser was launched into her skull from behind.

Note to self, pick a target who can’t shoot a deer with a bow 40 meters away next time.




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