Let's all be random, shall we?

Little Known Gems (No.3!)

Alright! you know the drill, here’s a really new one.

Manga: Last Ranker

In a land ragged by monsters, where only “Ranked Warriors” live prestigiously. Follow Zig the main character of this manga and the story of his life

Three chapters, and an INSANELY slow update, it took 2 years for chapter 3… But it’s pretty good, and honestly, deserves more attention (maybe that’ll spur quicker updates)

Fanfiction: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Redemption

Lelouch never planned to survive the Zero Requiem, never planned to live on. He was supposed to die, but he did not. After he lives to see his grand plan fall to ruin, he must once again wear a mask to bring peace to the world.

Hilarious original characters, and not as serious as most of the others. A short read at 9 chapters, but bound to make you laugh at one point or another.



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