Let's all be random, shall we?

Blog Myself to Death Challenge!

I felt the need to do more posting, so here’s my attempt. Shamelessly stolen off Brittany and used 🙂

(Completely unrelated to the topic, however, I am starving, and after this post, I’ll be going to make Lunch.)

Well then, here we go 😀

Day 01: A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Well, not too recent, this is from May, but I’m too lazy to go and upload the pictures on my camera… (Btw, look at that beautiful bear in the background… LOOK AT IT.)

1) I suppose.. My name, in English, is the exact same as it is in Chinese without sounding Chinese. No, it is unique enough that I’m literally one of the first people that come up when searched on facebook. So, no. But, I will post it in Chinese 😀 It’s 范丹宁.

2) I’m an Anime/Manga addict, not interesting, sure, but it’s the results of that. A whole crapload of my favorite things have been outsourced from various fandoms. Things like “What’s your favorite animal/colour/food/flower” all have their answers affected by my unhealthy addiction.

3) Studying just does not come to me. At all. I can’t do it! I studied for 2 tests, and got a 72% and 79% on each respectively, and then the next week, having given up on honours with distinction, didn’t study at all, and got a 100% and a 97%. I don’t get it, really :L

4) People know me by my glasses, seriously. I’ve been wearing black rectangular full frame glasses for years now, all of them very fancy-like and decorated with pseudo-gems, and only now broke the habit because everyone’s wearing them now. What the crap guys. WHAT THE CRAP.

5) More on glasses… Apparently, the cost of the 2 pairs that I’m currently using is outrageous to people. It’s just that I gravitate (as well as my parents, for that matter) to the most expensive ones in the store. Armani and Swarvoski. Needless to say, most people don’t pay $300 on a frame, and even less require ultrathin lenses just so they’re not too heavy.

6) I’m lazy to the realm of losing weight because of it. For July, I only ate one meal a day because I was too lazy to make food for myself. I also have the logic of “I will wear dresses because I’m too lazy to put on pants.”

7) Spicy food is NOTHING to me. This is because of my mom, who lived in Szechuan and Chongqing during her university years, downs even the spiciest dishes as if they’re only slightly more painful than standard mustard. I’m not quite like that, but I’ll call you back in a few years.

8) I panic after I’m done solving the problem. Things like assignments that I forgot about that I need to do in 3 hours instead of 3 weeks come to mind. I’d finish it, send it in, and then be distracted for the next few days, being twitchy about if I screwed something up.

9) Referring to  the above; I procrastinate like no one else. since I’ve done so so badly that I had only started on a project a week and a half after the due date. That was an ugly situation, right there.

10) The first stage of my sleep deprivation is that I start to use really big words. I don’t know, for the first 2 hours, I’m more articulate, and then it’s just an avalanche from there.

11) I’m really dis-attached from things. I throw away things easily, and that includes people. Generally, I lose contact with anyone that’s not in my immediate social circle since I don’t put enough value on them to make an effort towards communication.

12) I can’t seem to make new friends that easily :L I feel the constant need to make “witty” remarks; and they come out before I can decide if they’re offensive or not, and if the person I’m talking to can take it. I don’t know! It’s just a habit :c

13) As much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually pretty insecure about myself; not that anyone’s going to be able to tell, since confidence seems to be all I have.

14) I enjoy working alone, but I prefer working in a group. However, I tend to be irritated by incompetent people and end up doing things on my own in the end anyway. Ack.

15) It takes me hours to do these things, since I started this around 4 hours ago, and has been playing a MMO for at least 3 of those hours. >_>


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  1. its the cursed bear

    August 21, 2012 at 10:55 pm


      August 22, 2012 at 1:34 am

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