Let's all be random, shall we?

BMTD Challenge! Day 2

Day 02: The meaning behind your WordPress name


Actually, there really isn’t a huge deep meaning behind my name.

【Amayu】is just a shortened form of AmayaYume. (Shortened by a letter on my signature on the bottom of posts to MayaYume)

I felt that using a clearly Japanese username when I am not doesn’t fit with what this blog does for me. In effect, it represents myself more than I would in a casual chat room or game.

Though, if I wasn’r Asian, I would probably have used the name- heck, I might have used AmayaYume if I was Korean. But, I’m Chinese, and I could pull off being Japanese without much effort. (Since people who know me in real life have asked me where I’m from, and one guy insisted on my being from Korea when my friend- who has 25% more Korean in her was sitting right beside.)

Names are witten in Kanji, what is kanji? Chinese characters. Thus, to anyone less than proficient in the language, there is no reason to doubt me.

Of course, it was also shortened due to most people in games shortening AmayaYume to “Maya” (Which I now strongly encourage) “Yume”, “Ume”, “Yame”, and my personal favorite (that was given when myself and a friend were giving eachother idiotic nicknames) “Yayu”

For goodness sake, this time, just type the whole 5 letters. Also notice how people did not use Amaya >_>

Well, in Japanese, it’s made of 雨 (ama) 夜 (ya) 夢 (yume)

Rain Night Dream literally, but sounds better as Night Rain Dream.

Well, that’s a lot of no meaning, tata~


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