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Note to Self: Fanfiction is Not to be Read When I have Things To Do

Because goddammit, I stayed up until 5am to read, and right now it’s 7:43am.

Going to sleep when you realize it’s bright out is not how one wants to spend the last week before school starts.


ALL OF MY FANFICTION FEELS. QQ. Why so addicting? Why so well written? Why so many tear worthy goodbyes?

These authors are evil, I tell you! Evil!

But wonderful. Oh my god, why are they not selling books and making millions? Someone tell me why they’re not, because I will buy those books in an instant.

If you don’t want to be treated to a face full of romance stories from the Inuyasha fandom, DON’T CLICK THE MORE TAG. JUST MOVE ALONG AND PRETEND THAT THIS NEVER EXISTED. TY TY.

By the way, I found the most beautiful fanfic for Death Note. If anyone wants a link, I’d be happy to go find it.

What? I’m a SessKag fan. I’m all for balance.

Pretty common, huge titles that everyone has read before, and I just re-read. ALL MY FEELS. QQ

-Tales from the House of the Moon (Resmiranda)
-Tears of the Fallen (ShadowsWeaver1)
-Unspoiled (forthright)
-The Once and Future Taiyoukai (RosieB)
-The Broken Miko (RosieB)
-Beside you in Time (RosieB)
-Wisteria (MissTeak)
-Twisted Hearts (Eternal Fire1)
-In Death, Trust me as You Didn’t in Life (Kanna37)
-Seven Feudal Fairytales (Lady Battousai)
-The Flower Girl (Kanna37)
-Forgetmenot (Youkai no Yume)
-Laying Amongst the Dokatsu (Nostawen Allesiel)
-Her Destiny (cindygirl)
-Even Immortals Fall (Youkai no Yume)
-The Looking Glass has Broken (Just a Starving Writer)

And hilarity ensues in…

-Chained to You (Moonchild0405)
-Lord Charming (forthright)
-Heart Hacking (Pegasus Rider)
Crooked Teeth (Silver Standard Society)
-Gone to the Dogs (Tally Mark)

Tata ❤




One response

  1. Oh my gosh they can be so distracting….lol I feel you.

    September 1, 2012 at 10:11 pm

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