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Post at Least Once a Week!

Dammit, or I think I’m going to explode for lack of creative outlet, and I really need confidence in my writing again. I’ve started high school and the standards that this teacher holds us to is different to what I am used to. People I used to be leaps above are doing better than me.

It’s horrifying, and if I continue down that road, I’m probably going to neglect creative writing and be like any other student who BS all creative assignments.



That or I’m already there. Anyway, tonight, I’m going to post profiles for the characters I’m going to be using for the new drabble series, because right now, I’m legitimately working on 2.5 hours of sleep. (Anyone that knows me on facebook can check for themselves. I posted something right before I slept, and at school, I commented on it)

Most likely, its going to take place in the same timeline as my Rainbow series. How fun xD


One response

  1. you could just sleep early

    December 17, 2012 at 1:22 pm

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