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Adventures in Making Jibril (NGNL) [The Sock Search]

A fair warning, this is going to be mostly a series of ranting posts about me getting angry at my Jibril cosplay.

Looking at Jibril, one would think that she’s rather simple to do, except maybe the wings.

One would be right.

One would also not believe the incredible frustration I had when looking for socks the correct shade of purple. I went to Akiba’s thigh high store and couldn’t find any. Of course, I turned to the reliable source that is eBay and taobao for my footwear needs.

Holy shit; there was literally nothing that fit the criteria when I was searching for them a few months ago. It was incredible. A pair of thigh high socks of a solid colour? Easy score there! But no- until my more recent searching, there was nothing to be found even on those icons of miscellany.

More elusive are her white and pink striped over the ankle socks. Let me tell you, I’m convinced that they do not exist. Like you, dear reader, I assumed this would be an easy find. After all, it’s a standard pattern on a standard sock length. What’s so difficult?

What is difficult is not finding the pattern; it’s finding the pattern on an appropriately length sock.

So let me warn you, future Jibril cosplayers, search early, search hard. These socks are a pain in the ass to find.

(Cuz shipping time is usually about a month.)

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