Let's all be random, shall we?

About this Crazy Child

MayaYume has been described as “A writer that weaves simplistic, everyday words into a churning world of wonderfully imaginative concepts and beautifully crafted lands in which her tales of adventure take place, while adding appropriate humour in the most unexpected ways” Or so says Yumi on a day where she wandered around giving deep, insightful speeches to anyone who would spare an ear.

What you’re reading right now is the ‘About’ page we’re all supposed to have, specifically the one that belongs to AmayaYume (Or Maya, Yume, Amayu, or the like) To find me on anything, search AmayaYume, Amayu, or Amaya no Yume to find me. My real name will not be diaclosed because it is unique enough to be the first result you see on Facebook if you search me.

If you’re someone who read this before today, you would see that it has been taken and beaten into this newer, updated, less random about page. Don’t think too hard on it, there was no reason other than the fact that I didn’t like the old one. Also, don’t ask yourself why, too much thinking makes your brain burst.

Well, let’s see, how shall I start this off? Oh, how about with a section about what I am instead of who I am. I’m not sure if you want to see how the gears are turning in my head. I suppose basic information will be provided before you go frolicking around the inner workings on my mind (that, at least, I’m sure of)

Now, I’m Asian, and like all Asians, I have dark hair, dark, pretty, long hair that I am proud of. (Eh, not really, don’t take that seriously, in any way whatsoever.) I’m the tallest of the short,but stopped growing before I could get to being the shortest of the tall, and thanks to gorging myself on ice-cream, getting fat. (It’s not even the normal ‘oh no, I’m a few pounds overweight’ like, legit, fat.) Ahem! I’m just about legally blind, and enjoys a decent sized house in Canada -in which people do not live in igloos, unless my house looks like an igloo to you, in which case I’m going to stay far, far, far away from you. I hope beyond hope that you figured out that I’m a girl already… right?

So, now that you know you have a potentially mentally flawed, hair obsessed, somewhat short Asian girl on the loose, are you going to keep reading?

Well, anyway, I’ll continue regardless. It’s just another day of talking to myself, no biggie considering how frequently I do that… Now, I enjoy writing, but I know well enough that I can’t possibly be called one. I know that my (not so) few stories are acceptable, pretty good, even, but I know exactly how much I need to improve. I’ve been at the bottom of the food chain in terms of writing or any creation of literature, when I was deemed ‘beyond help’ a few times, but look at me now, I’m good enough to mock myself in some type of philosophical way. Err, alright, enough with that failed success story…

More than that, I’m an art person. I’ve always been good at art, since I could remember, granted, not like a prodigy or something, but just good enough for people to see it is better. It’s not as if I actually gave any focus on artistic anything until fifth grade (which honestly, wasn’t that long ago) and I began to truly work on getting better in sixth grade. My drawings aren’t good, perhaps, but I think they can’t be called bad.

Ahh, that’s enough on the serious stuff, I’ve been waiting to finish those parts… too boring. Now, I’m a random person, been told that I might have fallen off the deep end a few times, and could be the potential leader of hell. I enjoy witty conversation, especially ones where it escalates into near improv levels, where each comeback paints another part of a new world’s canvas. I’m not the person to talk to if you want sympathy or even empathy. I’m both a realist, and a pessimist (although these days, those seem the same) with a touch of sadist thrown in. Sarcasm will tip the scales when you talk to me about anything, at least half the things that come out of my mouth are sarcastic, the other half is insulting.

No, I’m kidding, it’s not quite that bad =D

The thing I like most is witty, well written, intelligent (or maybe not) bantering with someone that can take the barbs and throw them back, twice as sharp, or be informed about more than what the current gossip is. I don’t give a crap about being popular, I care even less about famous people who do nothing but pose all day; if I was asked if I liked anyone, I would tell them no one. If you don’t like me, fine, go for it, never let me see you again. It’s not as if I’m trying to build a reputation (unless it was something about being scary…) Yes, I wear what I pull out of my closet, but I still care about what I look like. I cannot care less how expensive that bag was, or how much that mascara cost you, or even how old that t-shirt is (unless being used as a joke, or it is the topic at hand.) More than that, if you truly, honestly, completely don’t give a damn about your image, it’s no longer annoyance, it becomes disgust.

Oh the subject of clothing, I want a pair of boy-jeans. The pockets are quite legit.

To be honest, I’m the lazy person who prefers to give orders rather than do something; I’m also a control freak concerning certain subjects, and take everything onto myself and not get any sleep. Making this Maya nocturnal.

I do lots of things for fun. Most of them involve sitting somewhere and barely moving, but that’s okay. Most prominently, writing, reading, drawing and singing. There are also various instruments, flute, piano, and a little bit of saxophone. I’m pretty damn good at swimming, and I can entertain myself with badminton, and since I live in Canada, where snow takes up half the year, skiing and snowboarding are musts ;D

There, now you know all that you need to know, drop a comment, if you will?

(The coloured version of the picture is found in this post)

Buh Bye~


2 responses

  1. Sakura

    Ha! Your description sounds so much like me! (E.g. Insulting, sarcastic, Asian, short, obsessed with ice cream, artistic?, writing, etc.) I wonder if we’re related… 🙂

    July 26, 2013 at 9:14 pm

  2. I miss your writing 😦 The June challenge is still sitting…a year later. But the point of this comment, despite your hiatus I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! http://wp.me/p1gc9m-1tU

    June 15, 2013 at 3:29 pm

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