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Adventures in Making Jibril (NGNL) [The Sock Search]

A fair warning, this is going to be mostly a series of ranting posts about me getting angry at my Jibril cosplay.

Looking at Jibril, one would think that she’s rather simple to do, except maybe the wings.

One would be right.

One would also not believe the incredible frustration I had when looking for socks the correct shade of purple. I went to Akiba’s thigh high store and couldn’t find any. Of course, I turned to the reliable source that is eBay and taobao for my footwear needs.

Holy shit; there was literally nothing that fit the criteria when I was searching for them a few months ago. It was incredible. A pair of thigh high socks of a solid colour? Easy score there! But no- until my more recent searching, there was nothing to be found even on those icons of miscellany.

More elusive are her white and pink striped over the ankle socks. Let me tell you, I’m convinced that they do not exist. Like you, dear reader, I assumed this would be an easy find. After all, it’s a standard pattern on a standard sock length. What’s so difficult?

What is difficult is not finding the pattern; it’s finding the pattern on an appropriately length sock.

So let me warn you, future Jibril cosplayers, search early, search hard. These socks are a pain in the ass to find.

(Cuz shipping time is usually about a month.)

Uh, it’s been a few years…

It’s been two years since I’ve been heard from on wordpress, and now that I’m no longer a child that’s starting high school, but a child that’s finished high school (and newly of drinking age in Canada) I do believe I’ll reassess myself and start actually posting on this blog again. It’ll be a lot different from before, I think, since I’m fairly sure that attempting to share any creative writing I’ll do will just spiral me downwards into a pit of despair. This will probably become more like I’ve intended before, as a place for me to dump my rather long winded ramblings onto.

I admit that I stopped posting partially because of someone that I know in real life used to read this blog and I hid in shame- but no longer!

Okay, that and because a certain someone who’s going on a certain trip that I’ll discuss later has expressed that they’ve newly established themselves on wordpress and shall be sharing our trip’s details on her personal blog. She’s being all mysterious and not telling me her url, what a bum.

Between last post and now, several obsessions have come and gone, but that’s for another post for when I don’t have thousands of words of stuff that I actually want to discuss.

Of course, after the trip, I’ll probably still be posting plenty, since there’s going to be a lot of me preparing for Animethon. (Speaking of, damn you Animethon HR team! I still haven’t heard back from you!) Since I’ll be doing three cosplays, there’s going to be a lot of suffering for me. I can just imagine the crying as I try to build Jibril’s wings, redraft her top, and wash three wigs. Such good fun. That’s probably going to take up the rest of July- well, that, and complaining about jet lag and how 25 degrees is too hot. (Not to mention how dumb the Kaguya no Shiro de Odoretai dance is)

Now, this not so mysterious trip with said mysterious friend is to the wonderful land of Japan, in the rainy season no less. I’ll be documenting every day, since our itinerary is pretty packed and I’ll have plenty to say about each day. I’ll keep the exact locations to myself for now, but it’ll all come to light in the coming two weeks. 🙂

I’ll be posting again very soon, probably as soon as I fish out a video camera and finish packing.