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Fanfiction Peeves

Because I need to collect these and express them in a more effective way than ranting at a quickly flattening can of cream soda.

1) Lying Reviewers

When a really bad fic has a completely disproportionate review count. Especially when they’re all positive. >:C


2) Terrible Capitalization

Why are your “I”s dotted? I was certain that was a period. Why is there some convoluted geometric sequence in the seemingly random capitalization?

3) Emoticons

What are you doing. It is proper writing, not chatting on skype. If you can’t describe ^w^ properly, that should tell you something.

4) RP A/Ns

Stop talking to your characters, especially in the terrible script RP format so often applied.

Aurua: What, but I thought you liked talking to me? WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN? QQ

Maya: Holy shit, all the OOC. Hold up… I’m speaking to a figment of my imagination. *runs off sadly*

Maya: *comes back* Aurua, move to the next one. *rushes off again*

5) Self Insertion

There are some fandoms utterly plagued by this for no reason at all. Most of the time, it’s some sassy modern minded female that has the same skillset as the characters.

Of course, there is no alteration to the storyline, nor relationships.

6) POV Hopping


I mean, how do we get a emotional attachment to a character if you’re interrupting flow every 200 words to POV change?

6) Herding Sues

Because, apparently, if everyone’s a Sue, no one is!

This only works in certain settings, and most often, this is not done well. (We all know I love a good curb stomp battle, and generally OP and Godmoding from characters. I love them.)

7) Bolded Paragraphs

Just… No.

It burns my retinas (or what is left)

8) Text Walls

I can’t figure out where the next line starts by the time I’m 120 words in. Just unable to get through it.

Bonus tears if used in junction with 7.

9) Rebellious Attire


Oh my god, who does that except for the intellectually unsound?

10) Arbitrary Foreign Language

I once witnessed a fanfic set in reality AU (aka, Hunter X Hunter verse) where a tribal people used Japanese honorifics.

And injection of Japanese (and others, but my fandoms are anime ._.) into English speech when it is understood they are speaking in native tongue when English is used.

I’m not against using random languages in fics. After all, I’m totally in love with a vampire who swears up a storm in Romanian and no one understands anything he says when he does.

11) Misusage Overdose

I saw some pretty terrible uses of “vis a vis”.

T’was accentuated by it’s application seven times in 8000 words.

12) Obscurity Overdose


I saw this used properly, but way too much. It’s too uncommon a word to use so much. Geez. Twice in a paragraph is horrifying.

13) Thought Indicators




14) Misfitted Naming

Because in ancient China, who the flying flip names their child Alexis?

And, “Alexis” was related to canon, Liujing named characters.

15) Word Dye

Bluenette is not a word.

Nor is pinkette.

16) Misleading Summary

The summary, beautiful grammar, passable syntax, interesting plot.


The actual writing quality is so much worse.

17) Uninformative Summary

“Read and find out”


18) Ready-Made Outfit/Ready-Made Outfit, With Sharpies

Her clothing looked just like ________!

Her clothing looked just like ________ but blue and a little ripped at the ends!


It’s like a template they’re getting this shit from.

19) Bashing

Don’t do it obviously, anyway.

Besides, 90% of the time, the descriptions of the the bashed character are just narrow minded conceptions by the author and are generally false or unproven.

I’d just kill them off quietly in a corner. They don’t deserve screen time anyway.

20) Terrible Usernames

I think BrokenDemonessAngel speaks for itself. If not, I will give you a lengthy paragraph on the shortcomings.

21) Egoless Summary

They claim to be bad at summaries, what is to stop them from being bad at other things?

And saying “first fanfic!” makes it seem like you’re a noob, rather than a newbie.

And just claiming that it’s not that good, how is it worth my time if you don’t believe in it?

22) Naturally Occurring Wigs/ Contacts

Shifting colours is not allowed.

Shades? Fine. Tones? Where applicable. Hues? In the same family.



Special Mention to:

~ Outgrowing Fanfics

I remember loving a fanfiction, and loving it. Something that sailed a ship or dragged me into a fandom, or that one story that had me addicted to fanfiction.

And here I am, feeling old, and wanting to make myself feel all sentimental and nostalgic when suddenly, I realize that I can barely read the piece anymore. I’m finding flaws in the grammar, in prose, in plot. It all was so much more beautifully worded in my head.

So, feeling even older, I click the back button.


This shall be supplemented by subsequent posts as I come up with more irritants.



Face structure tutorial.

Face structure tutorial.

Quickly drawn tutorial for the complete beginner.


Note to Self: Fanfiction is Not to be Read When I have Things To Do

Because goddammit, I stayed up until 5am to read, and right now it’s 7:43am.

Going to sleep when you realize it’s bright out is not how one wants to spend the last week before school starts.


ALL OF MY FANFICTION FEELS. QQ. Why so addicting? Why so well written? Why so many tear worthy goodbyes?

These authors are evil, I tell you! Evil!

But wonderful. Oh my god, why are they not selling books and making millions? Someone tell me why they’re not, because I will buy those books in an instant.

If you don’t want to be treated to a face full of romance stories from the Inuyasha fandom, DON’T CLICK THE MORE TAG. JUST MOVE ALONG AND PRETEND THAT THIS NEVER EXISTED. TY TY.

By the way, I found the most beautiful fanfic for Death Note. If anyone wants a link, I’d be happy to go find it.


Death Note at the Olympics

It is a wonderful thing.



Looks like Light-kun is a very very good teacher.

I Felt Obligated

To show you all that I’ve recently gone back to the depths of despair that is Death Note. 30 Days is too much work, and too much spam for me. (Plus, I’ll be vacationing for a week, and internet won’t be a big thing to do, y’know?

So, Death Note 30 Day Challenge, IT’S ALL HERE, IN ONE POST.

Day 1 – Why you like/love Death Note

It’s not shallow. Seriously, it’s well written, well structured, and not cheesey like so many of the newer manga/anime. Just it comments on society and introspects on human nature, not to mention the art is excellent too. 🙂

I’m also forced to like it since it was one of the first manga I ever read. Heh.

Day 2 – Favorite character 

Yagami Light. That’s right. Light is still my favorite character even after that disgraceful death. Why? He’s flipping dynamic, that’s why. In any case, I’ve always liked the anti-hero, and dammit, I think light fell off the edge of heroism by chapter 2. Besides, I love this kid’s name. 夜神 月? Night God Moon? My Chineseness showed through when I watched the anime with a few friends.

He’s pretty too, so that doesn’t hurt xD

Day 3 – Favorite Light Yagami moment

Well, I liked the part where he lost his memories and became a good person. (This beat out when he killed Raye Penber and Naomi by only just a little bit.) The reason being, it was cute we got to see what his life would have been like if he never picked up Ryuk’s Death Note and it was a very telling collection of moments. QQ

Okay, it was also really funny too.

Day 4 – Favorite L moment

Refer to picture above. I loved the fake friendship between these two. It was hilarious, and the two smartest people in the world being childish and using violence to solve their differences just cracked me up. Besides, it’s nice to see L move.

Day 5 – Character you feel you are most like (or wish you were) 

I’d like to say Light, but… Ryuk. *cough* I’d be the person to start the problem, and lean back, and watch the chaos while I’m the one who has most of the facts. Trade in his apple obsession for something a little less healthy, and I’ve got a pretty good match.

In other words, I’m a Ryuk who eats like L. o.o

Day 6 – Most annoying Death Note character 


I hate this brat. (Especially his little finger puppets.)

But the final scene where he acknowledges the genius of L and Light made me forgive him a little. Just a tad.

Day 7 – Favorite couple 

I don’t have one. But fanfictions, there’s so many LxLight that I’ve learned to live with it… I guess that counts as something O.o

Day 8 – Most epic scene ever 

I was all “OHFUCKNO.” QQ

Bunch of trolls.

Day 9 – Saddest scene 

Again, I direct you to the previous day.
Day 10 – Favorite screen cap

Day 11 – Favorite Death Note Cosplay

Like this? ;D

I was just kidding. I like this one the most xD Light’s like: Cupcake… Wait for me…

Day 12 – Your favorite L successor (BB, M, N, Matt…) 


Day 13 – Your favorite Kira excluding Light (Misa Amane, Teru Mikami, Kyosuke Higuchi, Kiyomi Takada)

No brainer. Teru. Honestly, he’s the only one that had a logical background. Plus, he’s pretty tew.

Day 14 – Favorite Official Art 


Day 15 – Favorite Fan Art 

Every single Death Note comic by SilentReaper?

Or this beautiful thing by a fellow Canadian? QQ I DON’T KNOW.

Day 16 – Favorite Death Note merchandise

The death note replicas. :<


Day 17 – Favorite Death Note Light Yagami quote

Screw originality.

I don’t even need to tell you what the quote is.

Day 18 – Favorite Death Note L quote 

Well, it’s a chain quote…

Misa: I wouldn’t dream of living in a world without light!

L: Yes, that would be dark.

Day 19 – Death Note character you’d like to date 


Day 20 – Death Note character you’d love to strangle (or punch or kill) 


"She is a danger to my position as L. Get rid of her."

Day 21 – Favorite Police/FBI agent (Soichiro Yagami, Touta Matsuda, Kanzo Mogi, Souichi Aikawa, Hideki Ide, Hirokazu Ukita, Naomi Misora, Raye Penber, SPK members)


Day 22 – The best Kira Kill (Kira tactic)

Raye Penber and his fill in the blank trick. It was lovely QQ

Or the chips…

Day 23 – The best L tactic

I would have to say…


Day 24 – A Death Note video 


Day 25 – Favorite Death Note theme

The World.. QQ

Day 26 – Favorite Shinigami (Ryuuk, Rem, Gelus… etc.)

Ryuk. I mean…

Dat dance.

Day 27 – Favorite Death Note Rule 

Those with the eye power of the god of death will have the eyesight of over 3.6 in the human measurement, regardless of their original eyesight.

Because… I’m blind…

Day 28 – L vs Light (take your side. Why take that side?)

I’m a Light supporter. I don’t know. I liked him first and that’s how it goes. I don’t switch sides easily (or at all).

He’s one of the most badass main characters that I’ve ever witnessed. :<

Day 29 – If you picked up a true Death Note would you use it? For what end?

LOL, I’d use it. I’m also the sadistic type, so I’ll likely write down gruesome and painful deaths for the people I don’t like.

That’s right; no delusions of justice, no lies about how I’ll use it for good. I’m going to destroy whomever I dislike and use it for my own profit.

Day 30 – What comes after Death Note? Your manga/anime recommendation with Death Note in mind.

In other words…

There, THAT’S IT~



Choose your top three fandoms (in random order):

  1. Code Geass
  2. Kuroshitsuji
  3. Durarara

The first character you fell in love with:

  1. LELOUCH. Just, yeah, we know all about this one…
  2. Ciel; he’s great, since he tries to be all serious, but then flips out xD
  3. Izaya; I was “eh” on all the characters until Izaya’s cellphone scene xD

The character you never expected to love:

  1. Lloyd; idk, I never thought I’d like the comic relief. Ever.
  2. Lau; He seemed like such a  background character, but he’s hilarious xD
  3. Celty; usually, the female characters are depicted as such annoying people :c (but Celty used a scythe, so, I was obliged.)

The character you’re most like:

  1. Milly, without the whole “I’LL MOBILIZE THE WHOLE SCHOOL” but still crazy xD
  2. Grell; serious one moment, but all screwy the next 🙂
  3. Izaya; he seems to have the same sense of humour as I do :>

The character you’d slap:

  1. OHGI, or Suzaku, or Kallen, or Scheneizel, or even Nunnally O.o
  2. Lizzy
  3. Kida

Three favourite characters:


Your OTP:  

  1. Lelouch & C.C. (None, idk, I just don’t like pairings for CG)
  2. None, just… none
  3. Celty and Shinra 😀

My dedication to Code Geass (both seasons)

Code Geass, described as “Fabulous” For the fabulously fabulous Lelouch and as “Code Trainwreck” for the insane pace and lack of explanation during R2. It’s also something of a show filled to the brim with Meme-tastic scenes, but that’s not really the point here. Read at your own discretion, since this will cover all 50 Fabulous episodes eventually. I think I’ll do a recap every week or so, hmm?

So, episode one, we hit it off with The Day the Devil was Born, in which Lulu is introduced as a child with Suzaku, running around with cicadas buzzing really loudly. They watch the air raids and general destruction ALL WHILE A MYSTERIOUS GIRL STARES AT THEM CREEPILY. That and, oh, proving that Lelouch is useless in any sort of physical taxation.

Hey Look! Normal hair!

Okay, so, my first thought was “No crazy hair? Seems good.” and my second thought was “NOODLEPEOPLE!” But anyway… holyshit tailored clothing!

You know, because naming things is for squares.

The ambiguously named Area 11 is now taken over by Britannia by the use of Knightmare Frames (KMFs) which led to an overwhelming victory. We are hereby told that there will be a timeskip by someone that sounds like C.C. and then the actual timeline starts.

Which is some helicopter chasing a truck around.

Engrish ensues, and we cut to two guys playing chess. One of which is losing pretty badly. His time runs out, and has 20 seconds a move. Lelouch and Rivalz arrive in a Glowing Moment of Day-Saving, and Lelouch goes ahead and makes good on his promise of pwnage, while he gains some cash. He shows us one of his founding philosophies by moving the king first,  “If the King doesn’t lead, how can he expect his subordinates to follow?” Blatant ignoring of the rules of chess happens, and there is collective ignorance on the part of the actual mechanics. But it works for an analogy and a Moment of Awesome.

Chessmaster Status, informed

So they get out in 9 minutes, and happen across an announcement by Clovis, upon which Lelouch expounds on the subject with “even if we cry, the dead won’t come back to life.” (Of course, there’s a cut to Kallen who yells that they’re Japanese, not Elevens, at which point they swerve around Rivalz and Lelouch, going back to school.)

Lulu plays the good guy (which never seems to turn out well for him), going to the truck, but he falls into the back, and gets pulled into a whole bunch of things. Mecha fights ensue, and plot happens.

Suzaku, a soldier to Britannia now, flies into the scene by executing a Spinzaku, kicking Lelouch. They meet, greet (and considering that they each thought the other was dead..) and are interrupted as the egg shaped capsule opens.

Suzaku! In all his CLAMP-y glory.

So out comes C.C. Bound and Gagged, in a flurry of sparkles.

That isn't poison gas...

MORE plot happens, and Suzaku’s bastard superiors waltz in, and orders him to shoot Lelouch, which he doesn’t, so they shoot him. The walking coincidence device of a truck driver chooses that moment to make his truck go boom, and Lelouch runs away as quickly as plot allows.

Guinea pigs, the whole lot of them.

Hiding, he contemplates his choices, while C.C. picks up her bad habit of staring, again.

Thus Clovis was a bastard, Llyod was a guy who felt a kid who just barely escaped death was a fitting pilot for a multi-billion prototype, and Shirley screwed Lulu over with a badly timed phone call.

C.C. is held hostage, and Lulu is held at gunpoint, a generally agreed upon “Oh Crap” moment. The guy shoots, C.C. runs into the bullet’s path, and gets headshotted the first episode. spewing blood all over the floor.

The “bad guys” are about to shoot again, when the C.C. (who is dead) grabs Lelouch’s hand, and gives him powers, Geass, which is a bird-ish symbol in his left eye.

The second Moment of Awesome is when he laughs and delivers a speech then promptly orders them all to die. He gets the obligatory splatter of blood.

He has good guy eyes for a second!

While carrying a shocked expression for a good while until…


That evil, evil smirk appears in the Crowning Moment of Awesome of this episode, leaving us with a very good impression of just how different this character is. (Along with a pretty epic finish of the episode…)

Now, when he’s the closest thing to a “Good Guy” we have…

Here, watch The Day the Devil was Born. 😀


Little Known Gems

A collection of things that I really enjoy, but still relatively unknown outside of a small community. Things that I usually seem to find, just before they become popular, most of the time, but die out for lack of updates.

Most of them are going to be either Manga or Fanfiction, but those are the things that need the most love.

Now. Let’s get on with it. This is my newest attempt at a regular posting schedule. Watch me as I fail, again.

Manga: Monochrome Factor

The story revolves around high school student Akira Nikaido, a typical slacker living a normal life. That is, until he meets the mysterious Shirogane, a man who suddenly appears and tells him that they have a destiny together. When Akira hears this, he is shocked and doesn’t believe a word of it. Aya, a friend of Akira, forgets something in the school one night, and asks Akira to help her and go find it. He agrees, and while there, he gets attacked by a shadow monster. Shirogane convinces him that the balance between the human world and the shadow world has been distorted and that Akira must become a “shin”- a creature of the shadow world- in order to help restore the balance. – Wikipeidia

Fanfiction: Wisteria 

By: MissTeak

An Inuyasha fanfic dedicated to the popular SessKag pairing. Set in the feudal era of Japan, it is a well crafted story completely driven by romance.

Wisteria is like the sleeve of a maiden, lovelier when it is cared for.” Kagome was abducted and brought to Gion, where she was adopted by a geisha house. Escape was not an option, until Fate throws a certain demon lord from her past in her path again…

Something that should be read even if you don’t like the pairing, since it’s an inspiring read for any romance fan.

~This Maya is Out the Building! (Figuratively)


Is the newest character under this Maya’s employ. She was created for a “create your own Naruto character” thing my friend was doing (since she needed a few extra OC’s and was being lazy) so you might see her in something that isn’t mine. Maaaaaaaybe. BUT! I liked her concept enough to add her to my arsenal of regular use, and also added her as a part of my own Naruto fanfic. Anyway, here be a picture and a profile.

Here be profile I submitted 🙂

Name: Koralina Kurohana

Village: Getsugakure (village hidden under the moon)

Clan/family (details/history): Kurohana clan, one that takes in any with the ability to use the Han/Mangetsugan in the form of citizenship in Getsugakure. It gained a significant bolster in numbers after the second shinobi war, as many had suffered a “death” that was a common cause for the activation of the bloodline. It is a very ancient clan that is rather widespread in terms of blood, with quite a percentage of the current population of the continent with at least trace amounts of the bloodline. The core members of the family are “pure” as in they have only “Kurohana” blood, and are almost guaranteed to be able to activate the doujutsu.  The kurohana are the current ruling house of Getsugakure, as well as the founders. They have chosen the name of the village after their bloodline, and the family name comes from a flower that grows in legions in the place of settlement.

Trivia Facts:

– The family name was created after the founding of Getsugakure, as a result of refugees and travelers were setting in the village.

– The crest is slightly off, with the left point slightly longer and larger than the right.

– Getsugakure is a true hidden village, as it is surrounded by concealing spells, along with it being in the center of a circle of mountains.

– The white centers of the black flowers in the valley seem to glow in the moonlight, as the sunlight is too strong for the white centers to stand out, but the weaker moonlight makes the black part of the flower blend with the shadows.

Relatives: Mother, father, two brothers and one sister.

Clan Specific Traits: -Hangetsugan/ Mangetsugan (see information page)

Fighting Style: Very small movements with the feet, generally in range of what a heavy kimono would allow. Very fast strikes with arms, often with trailing weapons.

Element (choose no more than two): Water/ Wind

Mission History: 7 A, 4 B, 6 C, 3 D

(I’ll post the family crest up later)




Wheeee, this was something I wrote while freezing my fingers off at the bus stop, no wounder its so depressing. And yes, it’s a fanfiction, abit a short one, to go along with Code Geass: Leloich of the Rebellion R2 (Spoilers for the end.)

CG fanfiction: Tomorrow.

He tried not to think of any regrets, after all, tonight was a time that he should be reflecting on everything he’s done, everything good, everything bad, and everything that made him happy. No, he should not think of the things he left- will leave behind because-

He was going to die tomorrow.

Mentally shaking himself out of the looming truth, he lifted his amethyst eyes to sweep the room. The large bed covered with black silks, large windows and a wardrobe that befit the man that planned how-

He was going to die tomorrow.

He quirked his lips into a sullen, resigned smile, tracing the edge of the hawk like mask he had worn for the battles that had lead up to this point. Where he sat on the dealings of the world, dressed in white and gold, from the seat for the ruler of the world. One last time, he delved into his memories, dredging up tales from long ago, people long forgotten. He would not be forgotten when his short reign of the world, for the aftermath would be fear, but there would be peace because-

He was going to die tomorrow.

That being said, I don’t think its too bad of a spoiler until you watch ep… 20?