Let's all be random, shall we?

On Vocaloids


LOL, I just recently downloaded the complete pack for Vocaloid (but I totally interrupted the DLing because I was in a rush to start using it… *smacks forehead* silly me~)

Too…ADDICTING~~! Yeah, I’m trying to get Luka’s DL finished so I don’t need to only use japanese songs and put in a few of my english translations.. =3

*ahem* yeah..

*goes off in search of good MIDIs…*


Vocaloid Magnet Base

Hey all! xD I’ve gotten Vocaloid happy these past few days, and was trying to find a base for magnet I wanted to draw off of, but NOO, there weren’t any really good ones that were line based (I don’t colour stuff, and if I had a n

ormal base, I’d be forced to colour it =.=) SO I MADE MAI OWN! xDDD I’mma post the JPEG and PNG files for anyone that wants dem =D


Well, it seems Yumi is forcing me to do a lot of crap these days…even from far away…

Ah well, I did miss her birthday after all…(Guess who I was talking to…)

Well, I’m looking to find someone to help me sing Phantom of the Opera (the Phantom part, obviously, I really don’t want to edit the music..and, I sing too high..its almost an octave higher than Christine, maybe more)

As well as Cantarella from Vocaloid…Yes, I can sing Miku, or so I’ve been told. (By the few people I’ve actually sung to…I seem to like to raise things by quite a few notes… =.=) But, I was thinking of singing KAITO, and editing Miku in.

Then there’s Magnet, also from Vocaloid, not really sure if I’m going to do this myself or with Yumi (or one of my friends)

Another from Vocaloid is Trick or Treat or Nishiki no Mai (both are damn creepy, imo)

And, gosh, more from Vocaloid! D< Damn you and your Vocaloid obsession! Even more for your Gakupo obsession! Why can’t you be a Luka fan? >_>

(anyone willing to take up Stainless Moon, Breathe, Love is War, The World is Mine and Cendrillon for me? TT^TT, I dun wanna transpose)

As a side project for school, I’m going to be singing Scarborough Fair, and I need someone to sing the offset harmony Q_Q

(I’ve been working on Tsunaida ni Kisu wo and Soutsugyou  (is that right? O.O) for quite a while, along with starting Princess of December and Kioku no Umi =D)

Kay, I hope that Yumi gets this, seeing as how this was written to complain about how much random crap you’re making me do.

-BAI, MayaYume