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My dedication to Code Geass (both seasons)

Code Geass, described as “Fabulous” For the fabulously fabulous Lelouch and as “Code Trainwreck” for the insane pace and lack of explanation during R2. It’s also something of a show filled to the brim with Meme-tastic scenes, but that’s not really the point here. Read at your own discretion, since this will cover all 50 Fabulous episodes eventually. I think I’ll do a recap every week or so, hmm?

So, episode one, we hit it off with The Day the Devil was Born, in which Lulu is introduced as a child with Suzaku, running around with cicadas buzzing really loudly. They watch the air raids and general destruction ALL WHILE A MYSTERIOUS GIRL STARES AT THEM CREEPILY. That and, oh, proving that Lelouch is useless in any sort of physical taxation.

Hey Look! Normal hair!

Okay, so, my first thought was “No crazy hair? Seems good.” and my second thought was “NOODLEPEOPLE!” But anyway… holyshit tailored clothing!

You know, because naming things is for squares.

The ambiguously named Area 11 is now taken over by Britannia by the use of Knightmare Frames (KMFs) which led to an overwhelming victory. We are hereby told that there will be a timeskip by someone that sounds like C.C. and then the actual timeline starts.

Which is some helicopter chasing a truck around.

Engrish ensues, and we cut to two guys playing chess. One of which is losing pretty badly. His time runs out, and has 20 seconds a move. Lelouch and Rivalz arrive in a Glowing Moment of Day-Saving, and Lelouch goes ahead and makes good on his promise of pwnage, while he gains some cash. He shows us one of his founding philosophies by moving the king first,  “If the King doesn’t lead, how can he expect his subordinates to follow?” Blatant ignoring of the rules of chess happens, and there is collective ignorance on the part of the actual mechanics. But it works for an analogy and a Moment of Awesome.

Chessmaster Status, informed

So they get out in 9 minutes, and happen across an announcement by Clovis, upon which Lelouch expounds on the subject with “even if we cry, the dead won’t come back to life.” (Of course, there’s a cut to Kallen who yells that they’re Japanese, not Elevens, at which point they swerve around Rivalz and Lelouch, going back to school.)

Lulu plays the good guy (which never seems to turn out well for him), going to the truck, but he falls into the back, and gets pulled into a whole bunch of things. Mecha fights ensue, and plot happens.

Suzaku, a soldier to Britannia now, flies into the scene by executing a Spinzaku, kicking Lelouch. They meet, greet (and considering that they each thought the other was dead..) and are interrupted as the egg shaped capsule opens.

Suzaku! In all his CLAMP-y glory.

So out comes C.C. Bound and Gagged, in a flurry of sparkles.

That isn't poison gas...

MORE plot happens, and Suzaku’s bastard superiors waltz in, and orders him to shoot Lelouch, which he doesn’t, so they shoot him. The walking coincidence device of a truck driver chooses that moment to make his truck go boom, and Lelouch runs away as quickly as plot allows.

Guinea pigs, the whole lot of them.

Hiding, he contemplates his choices, while C.C. picks up her bad habit of staring, again.

Thus Clovis was a bastard, Llyod was a guy who felt a kid who just barely escaped death was a fitting pilot for a multi-billion prototype, and Shirley screwed Lulu over with a badly timed phone call.

C.C. is held hostage, and Lulu is held at gunpoint, a generally agreed upon “Oh Crap” moment. The guy shoots, C.C. runs into the bullet’s path, and gets headshotted the first episode. spewing blood all over the floor.

The “bad guys” are about to shoot again, when the C.C. (who is dead) grabs Lelouch’s hand, and gives him powers, Geass, which is a bird-ish symbol in his left eye.

The second Moment of Awesome is when he laughs and delivers a speech then promptly orders them all to die. He gets the obligatory splatter of blood.

He has good guy eyes for a second!

While carrying a shocked expression for a good while until…


That evil, evil smirk appears in the Crowning Moment of Awesome of this episode, leaving us with a very good impression of just how different this character is. (Along with a pretty epic finish of the episode…)

Now, when he’s the closest thing to a “Good Guy” we have…

Here, watch The Day the Devil was Born. 😀