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doodle post!




Here’s a few recent doodles to break up the monotony. :9

I’m Posting Old Pictures

Because I’m too lazy to put them on a USB. (Okay, no, the real reason is that the one I have is full. Photoshop files take up a lot more space than jpeg files, okay?

There’s only so many memory sticks I can use in this household.


Now, here we are! Only 5 pictures, but I like them 🙂 (Well, one of them is a WIP thing, but…)

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Face structure tutorial.

Face structure tutorial.

Quickly drawn tutorial for the complete beginner.


Dystentia- Birdchild

Don’t mind her name, I came up with it on the spot when I was naming the .psd xD

anyway, I think it’s okay, I got really lazy on the editing and went : “Screw this, no one’s going to notice it anyway” so… yeah =w=

Draweded it in social class, gave it to Nirac to draw the other wing, WHICH SHE PUT IN THE WRONG PLACE. *ahem*

EDIT: Dumdeedumdum! Guess what? I messed around in photoshop and voila! Insta-shatter! Behold seven minutes of boredom!




I mades a fanart, it cost me half a pencil, quarter of an eraser, close to three hours of my time, and the straightness of my back.


BUT WHO CARES ABOUT MY PAINS (In my back, eyes and ankle… oh my ankle QQ)

Where is he from? :3

Have fun!


An Update As I Go Type of Thing.

Yup, see, I wanted to post something, since I’ve left you all hanging on a rather depressing note…


Here be sketch…


And here be Water Colour!

Forensic Summoning-Technomancy Contest

Generator Result: Forensic Summoning

Concept: Well, I thought, hey! If the surroundings and items used in a crime… A case of “If that tree could speak…” I guess.

I’ve wanted to take part in the contests since last summer, but I kept procrastinating… as usual. So I just got this done in one shot… at 3AM…  Riiiiiight.

Bleh, I’ve realized that I officially suck at colouring in SAI. I think overall, I’ll be going back to photoshop. (Drawing, however, seems to be so much easier with the pen pressure sensitivity in SAI.)

Yes, that is a sad attempt at a lab coat, shhhh. Meh, not bad for half an hour I suppose (considering the time I took wrestling with the water brush… hmm)


Duck Jokes


“But why? It’s so entertaining!”


Here’s the promised crest of the Kurohana… I need someone to draw at least a semi-realistic version of the flower that it could have been based off of… hmmm


Okay, so more on the design.

It’s actually made up of 5 intersecting moons, and I rotated it by 72 degrees each time to create the effect. the inside is similar, except slightly outside the shape itself. The “original” flower has sharp petals, and a very nice, white center.


Is the newest character under this Maya’s employ. She was created for a “create your own Naruto character” thing my friend was doing (since she needed a few extra OC’s and was being lazy) so you might see her in something that isn’t mine. Maaaaaaaybe. BUT! I liked her concept enough to add her to my arsenal of regular use, and also added her as a part of my own Naruto fanfic. Anyway, here be a picture and a profile.

Here be profile I submitted 🙂

Name: Koralina Kurohana

Village: Getsugakure (village hidden under the moon)

Clan/family (details/history): Kurohana clan, one that takes in any with the ability to use the Han/Mangetsugan in the form of citizenship in Getsugakure. It gained a significant bolster in numbers after the second shinobi war, as many had suffered a “death” that was a common cause for the activation of the bloodline. It is a very ancient clan that is rather widespread in terms of blood, with quite a percentage of the current population of the continent with at least trace amounts of the bloodline. The core members of the family are “pure” as in they have only “Kurohana” blood, and are almost guaranteed to be able to activate the doujutsu.  The kurohana are the current ruling house of Getsugakure, as well as the founders. They have chosen the name of the village after their bloodline, and the family name comes from a flower that grows in legions in the place of settlement.

Trivia Facts:

– The family name was created after the founding of Getsugakure, as a result of refugees and travelers were setting in the village.

– The crest is slightly off, with the left point slightly longer and larger than the right.

– Getsugakure is a true hidden village, as it is surrounded by concealing spells, along with it being in the center of a circle of mountains.

– The white centers of the black flowers in the valley seem to glow in the moonlight, as the sunlight is too strong for the white centers to stand out, but the weaker moonlight makes the black part of the flower blend with the shadows.

Relatives: Mother, father, two brothers and one sister.

Clan Specific Traits: -Hangetsugan/ Mangetsugan (see information page)

Fighting Style: Very small movements with the feet, generally in range of what a heavy kimono would allow. Very fast strikes with arms, often with trailing weapons.

Element (choose no more than two): Water/ Wind

Mission History: 7 A, 4 B, 6 C, 3 D

(I’ll post the family crest up later)