Let's all be random, shall we?


I Felt Obligated

To show you all that I’ve recently gone back to the depths of despair that is Death Note. 30 Days is too much work, and too much spam for me. (Plus, I’ll be vacationing for a week, and internet won’t be a big thing to do, y’know?

So, Death Note 30 Day Challenge, IT’S ALL HERE, IN ONE POST.

Day 1 – Why you like/love Death Note

It’s not shallow. Seriously, it’s well written, well structured, and not cheesey like so many of the newer manga/anime. Just it comments on society and introspects on human nature, not to mention the art is excellent too. 🙂

I’m also forced to like it since it was one of the first manga I ever read. Heh.

Day 2 – Favorite character 

Yagami Light. That’s right. Light is still my favorite character even after that disgraceful death. Why? He’s flipping dynamic, that’s why. In any case, I’ve always liked the anti-hero, and dammit, I think light fell off the edge of heroism by chapter 2. Besides, I love this kid’s name. 夜神 月? Night God Moon? My Chineseness showed through when I watched the anime with a few friends.

He’s pretty too, so that doesn’t hurt xD

Day 3 – Favorite Light Yagami moment

Well, I liked the part where he lost his memories and became a good person. (This beat out when he killed Raye Penber and Naomi by only just a little bit.) The reason being, it was cute we got to see what his life would have been like if he never picked up Ryuk’s Death Note and it was a very telling collection of moments. QQ

Okay, it was also really funny too.

Day 4 – Favorite L moment

Refer to picture above. I loved the fake friendship between these two. It was hilarious, and the two smartest people in the world being childish and using violence to solve their differences just cracked me up. Besides, it’s nice to see L move.

Day 5 – Character you feel you are most like (or wish you were) 

I’d like to say Light, but… Ryuk. *cough* I’d be the person to start the problem, and lean back, and watch the chaos while I’m the one who has most of the facts. Trade in his apple obsession for something a little less healthy, and I’ve got a pretty good match.

In other words, I’m a Ryuk who eats like L. o.o

Day 6 – Most annoying Death Note character 


I hate this brat. (Especially his little finger puppets.)

But the final scene where he acknowledges the genius of L and Light made me forgive him a little. Just a tad.

Day 7 – Favorite couple 

I don’t have one. But fanfictions, there’s so many LxLight that I’ve learned to live with it… I guess that counts as something O.o

Day 8 – Most epic scene ever 

I was all “OHFUCKNO.” QQ

Bunch of trolls.

Day 9 – Saddest scene 

Again, I direct you to the previous day.
Day 10 – Favorite screen cap

Day 11 – Favorite Death Note Cosplay

Like this? ;D

I was just kidding. I like this one the most xD Light’s like: Cupcake… Wait for me…

Day 12 – Your favorite L successor (BB, M, N, Matt…) 


Day 13 – Your favorite Kira excluding Light (Misa Amane, Teru Mikami, Kyosuke Higuchi, Kiyomi Takada)

No brainer. Teru. Honestly, he’s the only one that had a logical background. Plus, he’s pretty tew.

Day 14 – Favorite Official Art 


Day 15 – Favorite Fan Art 

Every single Death Note comic by SilentReaper?

Or this beautiful thing by a fellow Canadian? QQ I DON’T KNOW.

Day 16 – Favorite Death Note merchandise

The death note replicas. :<


Day 17 – Favorite Death Note Light Yagami quote

Screw originality.

I don’t even need to tell you what the quote is.

Day 18 – Favorite Death Note L quote 

Well, it’s a chain quote…

Misa: I wouldn’t dream of living in a world without light!

L: Yes, that would be dark.

Day 19 – Death Note character you’d like to date 


Day 20 – Death Note character you’d love to strangle (or punch or kill) 


"She is a danger to my position as L. Get rid of her."

Day 21 – Favorite Police/FBI agent (Soichiro Yagami, Touta Matsuda, Kanzo Mogi, Souichi Aikawa, Hideki Ide, Hirokazu Ukita, Naomi Misora, Raye Penber, SPK members)


Day 22 – The best Kira Kill (Kira tactic)

Raye Penber and his fill in the blank trick. It was lovely QQ

Or the chips…

Day 23 – The best L tactic

I would have to say…


Day 24 – A Death Note video 


Day 25 – Favorite Death Note theme

The World.. QQ

Day 26 – Favorite Shinigami (Ryuuk, Rem, Gelus… etc.)

Ryuk. I mean…

Dat dance.

Day 27 – Favorite Death Note Rule 

Those with the eye power of the god of death will have the eyesight of over 3.6 in the human measurement, regardless of their original eyesight.

Because… I’m blind…

Day 28 – L vs Light (take your side. Why take that side?)

I’m a Light supporter. I don’t know. I liked him first and that’s how it goes. I don’t switch sides easily (or at all).

He’s one of the most badass main characters that I’ve ever witnessed. :<

Day 29 – If you picked up a true Death Note would you use it? For what end?

LOL, I’d use it. I’m also the sadistic type, so I’ll likely write down gruesome and painful deaths for the people I don’t like.

That’s right; no delusions of justice, no lies about how I’ll use it for good. I’m going to destroy whomever I dislike and use it for my own profit.

Day 30 – What comes after Death Note? Your manga/anime recommendation with Death Note in mind.

In other words…

There, THAT’S IT~


My meme, go do it, now!

YAY, Since I’m doing so many memes, I thought, ‘Hey! Why not make my OWN meme?’

SO I DID!!!! =’D

Introducing… The ‘Ten Years Meme’~

Its full size is HUGE, so… xD

Meh, I’ll go do it some time later~

(Real reason for making meme; I is too lazy to do a meme this week~ *gets shot*)


Meme 3~

Yay, I’m posting a meme this week, even though I’ve just gotten back from band camp. But hey, I had this meme done even before the personification one >_>

The ‘Draw this Again’ meme! (I think)

Gods, this meme depressed me… I’m such a fail nao ;A;

But hey, I have better proportion and fluidity now! >_>

Besides… it took a lot longer to draw the one from before anyway, and I was too lazy to bother =’D