Let's all be random, shall we?


I’m Posting Old Pictures

Because I’m too lazy to put them on a USB. (Okay, no, the real reason is that the one I have is full. Photoshop files take up a lot more space than jpeg files, okay?

There’s only so many memory sticks I can use in this household.


Now, here we are! Only 5 pictures, but I like them 🙂 (Well, one of them is a WIP thing, but…)

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Face structure tutorial.

Face structure tutorial.

Quickly drawn tutorial for the complete beginner.


My first GIF for a while now :D

Okay, so, me and my spotlight hogging bear takes a walk on the retarded side.


Stupid bear….

Dystentia- Birdchild

Don’t mind her name, I came up with it on the spot when I was naming the .psd xD

anyway, I think it’s okay, I got really lazy on the editing and went : “Screw this, no one’s going to notice it anyway” so… yeah =w=

Draweded it in social class, gave it to Nirac to draw the other wing, WHICH SHE PUT IN THE WRONG PLACE. *ahem*

EDIT: Dumdeedumdum! Guess what? I messed around in photoshop and voila! Insta-shatter! Behold seven minutes of boredom!



An Update As I Go Type of Thing.

Yup, see, I wanted to post something, since I’ve left you all hanging on a rather depressing note…


Here be sketch…


And here be Water Colour!

Forensic Summoning-Technomancy Contest

Generator Result: Forensic Summoning

Concept: Well, I thought, hey! If the surroundings and items used in a crime… A case of “If that tree could speak…” I guess.

I’ve wanted to take part in the contests since last summer, but I kept procrastinating… as usual. So I just got this done in one shot… at 3AM…  Riiiiiight.

Bleh, I’ve realized that I officially suck at colouring in SAI. I think overall, I’ll be going back to photoshop. (Drawing, however, seems to be so much easier with the pen pressure sensitivity in SAI.)

Yes, that is a sad attempt at a lab coat, shhhh. Meh, not bad for half an hour I suppose (considering the time I took wrestling with the water brush… hmm)


Duck Jokes


“But why? It’s so entertaining!”


my email is refusing to work, thus making me post EVERYTHING here. Much better yes?

These things took excessively long to make, and took me away from doing anything interesting on the computer (and depleted my tea supply… *stares sadly at teacup*). Thus, there has not been anything done for Fairytale or Seasons (or even Children’s Songs)

Yes. No art either =/

Procrastination; it Applies Here.

Gods, how many times have I said “I’ll do it later” or something to that effect this week?

Answer: lots.

Now, I’ll just post a few pictures that I’ve finished up recently one at a time so it looks like I did something productive ‘-‘


The process is quite simple. I drew it with the image I had of the ice cream, and this is what I got.

Then, I scanned it, and adjusted the brightness and contrast of the image. After the black and whites were sorted properly, and most of the grey was gone, I gone into channels and used the dotted circle thingy and selected all the white. Back to the layers, making the background layer (aka, the image) into ‘layer 0’ , then just deleting all the white (selected) space.

Thus we have LINEART. (or something)

Then use your favorite way to fill in each of the colours, then add shading and layering, then… TADA! DONE!




I’m Going for it!

Yes, the new header and background have been made, and I adore them xD

It just fits the theme I’m using (with blue as the colour of choice) a lot better and it has… Mushrooms!

Plus, it’s all original *bright smile*

Yeah… I’ll be sad to see this go; since it’s been with me for the last 11 months, the entirety of the blog’s life, but I think I’ll be happier for it. I think, in another year, I’ll be making some sort of nostalgic memory and playing with the site and changing it back to how it was before… for just a day. xD

Tata, I’ll be making the changes now =)


Compare These

I’ve created a new background for this blog. Personally; I’d like to keep the new one, and make a new header to go along with it.. The new ones will only be implemented after I’m done both… And that may take a while since I still don’t have a design for the header.

Anyway; I’ll show you what I have right now.

These are to show without the “matching” aspect with the header.

The current:



And the new:




Comment on what you think of these ;D


It’s… a…Huge…File…

Like, seriously… it’s HUGE. Supposed to be 40 cm X 80 cm, but when you open it on a computer, it’s even bigger…


Anyway, it’s the guide to my original doujutsu for my fanfiction, even if it appears five chapters after where I am at, BUT THAT’S OKAY.


If you can’t see it, just click the icon, and it’ll show up.

Yeah 8D



Oh my, is that…?

IT IS! It’s another post with a picture! Oh geez, two in a row? Maya, are you crazy? No, I assure you, I am not. This is just something that I decided to doodle for fun (because face only pictures are now so insanely easy it’s usually not even worth it)


So, instead of a picture of my odd looking self, I decided to draw one instead! (You know, so I at least know WHAT you think I look like)

Obviously, I don’t have the heart shaped face, or the really big eyes, or have hair like that… (mine is darker and shines white instead of a lighter tone) however, those are MY glasses, no matter how you look at it. I own that shirt too…

The lollipop was being eaten as I sketched 😀

Just one thing. I got really, really pissed off at the ‘multiply’ layer property. I couldn’t do backgrounds! White refused to show! So in the end, I saved the parts I wanted solid and in front of the cast shadow in a png file, and went with it when it came to getting the shadow put in the way I wanted. Oh well, it works, the fact remains, I didn’t need to do a CG lineart 😀

For that fact, I will love it forever.


I just realized…

Again, that I haven’t done something for a (really) long time…

POST ART, OF COURSE~ YES YES, THROW ME FLO- *falls and gets shot for being more stupid than usual*

Yeah, well, those that know me personally will have seen this little thing on facebook (because I don’t post sketches on dA or here unless I think it’s pretty enough) but that had no background and the shading was (less than) half done… So, feeling the need to post something on here, I finished it up in 10 or so minutes, and I think it doesn’t look bad ;D

I am also aware that it looks exactly like Agito… Sort of… ugh, you know what, never mind that. I refuse the fact that I should be less lazy and use more that 2 layers to put shadows in…

Whatever, I’m escaping the warpath, KBYE


Concept sketch

YAY~ Now I’m just gettin’ lazy…

But hey, great way to take up space, one must admit!

Yes, and we all need to go memeless this week, and most likely till the end of the school year ;A;

Have fun, aki~

Deck of Cards: Aces and Back

Heh, yes, I have cards made, and yes, I did cheat a lot by using premade brushes, and yes, I will be crediting  them on their own card.

Everything’s in black and white, mostly because I wanna print this at school, and that I’m a cheap bastard, as well as having inverted versions. If anyone wants to request a red and black (because it just looks bad with red and white) version of the hearts and diamonds 😀

Psh, these are really simplistic looking…

Upside down version of the spades…

This is probably my fave xD With roses and pwetty borders~

Rarr~ Spider detailing~

AND THE BACK! Look for my touches of personification~

Someone I know (ahem) is drawing the jokers, and I’m doing the Royalty cards… but it’s all going to be unconventional and totally modern type~ 😛

What do you think? Tell me which ones are your fave xD

My meme, go do it, now!

YAY, Since I’m doing so many memes, I thought, ‘Hey! Why not make my OWN meme?’

SO I DID!!!! =’D

Introducing… The ‘Ten Years Meme’~

Its full size is HUGE, so… xD

Meh, I’ll go do it some time later~

(Real reason for making meme; I is too lazy to do a meme this week~ *gets shot*)


Meme 3~

Yay, I’m posting a meme this week, even though I’ve just gotten back from band camp. But hey, I had this meme done even before the personification one >_>

The ‘Draw this Again’ meme! (I think)

Gods, this meme depressed me… I’m such a fail nao ;A;

But hey, I have better proportion and fluidity now! >_>

Besides… it took a lot longer to draw the one from before anyway, and I was too lazy to bother =’D

Tis Tabeo~

I’m here, to compile the entirety (2 pictures) of Tabeo that are presentable.


(new) Happy, hardworking, and very accurate

(now) Sleep deprived, but still produces nice work.

Coffee addict, with severe bags under his eyes. That shirt is also too big, and the awesome glowy hair light……

Note the WACOM armband, BAMBOO belt, and the Wacom logo necklace.

He’s not depressed! I don’t care if what he looks like doesn’t say that, but the hair light does!

Then a combine picture of Tabeo and Iya~

Iya is an iPod, btw, and a bit of a know it all, however, she is very helpful and ‘kind’

Meme Number 2! Personification MEME~

Since I was going to personify all my electronics anyway, I decided to do a meme on one of the most love, IYA, THE IPOD!


Tablet Meme :D


I think I’ll do a meme or two every week, give or take a week ;D

The first is Pen Tablet Meme by Lucylips on deviantart x)

Ha. Like, HA

You people want updates? YOU GET UPDATES 😀

I’m going to go back to posting things on here before I do facebook. Especially with how crappy the quality there is.

Dear god, Sotsugyou prompt is DONE. Well, not to what I had in mind at first, but I’m honestly too lazy to do the editing required… (Maybe I’ll do it when I have time, LATER)

Prompt verse: (mai translation, heh… xD)

“Cherry blossom petals flutter down, just like that day so long ago

Every petal a mirror into the, light of glowing memories

Please send all of these feelings to you, brilliantly colored thoughts

Flying upon my agonized sigh, travel far and wide”

Link to song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIg7GUpSXJs

AND, TEH PIC! *happehface*

Oh, crap… I just noticed the eye test thing still blue.. *too lazy to delete*

Okay.. Proper pic >_>

Tis pwettyful yes?

I’m Proud of maiself~

I am so insanely proud of myself right now, its become funny.

Finally, after all these years, I was able to draw a guy that doesn’t look like a girl! 😀




*shares picture*


Yes yes, beautiful feathers..

And more importantly…


=’3 ~~MayaYume~~


Random Science, again

You all know that this picture is awesome…

Yeah, random project I did in 10 minutes with borrowed photoshop’d computer…

That’s it. Its too friggin late to say more, seeing as how I have SWIMMING FOR FOUR FU*KING HOURS TOMORROW, STARTING AT NINE. and I didn’t even know about them. FML.