Let's all be random, shall we?


I’m Posting Old Pictures

Because I’m too lazy to put them on a USB. (Okay, no, the real reason is that the one I have is full. Photoshop files take up a lot more space than jpeg files, okay?

There’s only so many memory sticks I can use in this household.


Now, here we are! Only 5 pictures, but I like them 🙂 (Well, one of them is a WIP thing, but…)

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Face structure tutorial.

Face structure tutorial.

Quickly drawn tutorial for the complete beginner.


My first GIF for a while now :D

Okay, so, me and my spotlight hogging bear takes a walk on the retarded side.


Stupid bear….

Dystentia- Birdchild

Don’t mind her name, I came up with it on the spot when I was naming the .psd xD

anyway, I think it’s okay, I got really lazy on the editing and went : “Screw this, no one’s going to notice it anyway” so… yeah =w=

Draweded it in social class, gave it to Nirac to draw the other wing, WHICH SHE PUT IN THE WRONG PLACE. *ahem*

EDIT: Dumdeedumdum! Guess what? I messed around in photoshop and voila! Insta-shatter! Behold seven minutes of boredom!



An Update As I Go Type of Thing.

Yup, see, I wanted to post something, since I’ve left you all hanging on a rather depressing note…


Here be sketch…


And here be Water Colour!

Forensic Summoning-Technomancy Contest

Generator Result: Forensic Summoning

Concept: Well, I thought, hey! If the surroundings and items used in a crime… A case of “If that tree could speak…” I guess.

I’ve wanted to take part in the contests since last summer, but I kept procrastinating… as usual. So I just got this done in one shot… at 3AM…  Riiiiiight.

Bleh, I’ve realized that I officially suck at colouring in SAI. I think overall, I’ll be going back to photoshop. (Drawing, however, seems to be so much easier with the pen pressure sensitivity in SAI.)

Yes, that is a sad attempt at a lab coat, shhhh. Meh, not bad for half an hour I suppose (considering the time I took wrestling with the water brush… hmm)


Duck Jokes


“But why? It’s so entertaining!”


my email is refusing to work, thus making me post EVERYTHING here. Much better yes?

These things took excessively long to make, and took me away from doing anything interesting on the computer (and depleted my tea supply… *stares sadly at teacup*). Thus, there has not been anything done for Fairytale or Seasons (or even Children’s Songs)

Yes. No art either =/

Procrastination; it Applies Here.

Gods, how many times have I said “I’ll do it later” or something to that effect this week?

Answer: lots.

Now, I’ll just post a few pictures that I’ve finished up recently one at a time so it looks like I did something productive ‘-‘


The process is quite simple. I drew it with the image I had of the ice cream, and this is what I got.

Then, I scanned it, and adjusted the brightness and contrast of the image. After the black and whites were sorted properly, and most of the grey was gone, I gone into channels and used the dotted circle thingy and selected all the white. Back to the layers, making the background layer (aka, the image) into ‘layer 0’ , then just deleting all the white (selected) space.

Thus we have LINEART. (or something)

Then use your favorite way to fill in each of the colours, then add shading and layering, then… TADA! DONE!




I’m Going for it!

Yes, the new header and background have been made, and I adore them xD

It just fits the theme I’m using (with blue as the colour of choice) a lot better and it has… Mushrooms!

Plus, it’s all original *bright smile*

Yeah… I’ll be sad to see this go; since it’s been with me for the last 11 months, the entirety of the blog’s life, but I think I’ll be happier for it. I think, in another year, I’ll be making some sort of nostalgic memory and playing with the site and changing it back to how it was before… for just a day. xD

Tata, I’ll be making the changes now =)