Let's all be random, shall we?

Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards: Aces and Back

Heh, yes, I have cards made, and yes, I did cheat a lot by using premade brushes, and yes, I will be crediting  them on their own card.

Everything’s in black and white, mostly because I wanna print this at school, and that I’m a cheap bastard, as well as having inverted versions. If anyone wants to request a red and black (because it just looks bad with red and white) version of the hearts and diamonds 😀

Psh, these are really simplistic looking…

Upside down version of the spades…

This is probably my fave xD With roses and pwetty borders~

Rarr~ Spider detailing~

AND THE BACK! Look for my touches of personification~

Someone I know (ahem) is drawing the jokers, and I’m doing the Royalty cards… but it’s all going to be unconventional and totally modern type~ 😛

What do you think? Tell me which ones are your fave xD