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Before Once Again

Before, Once Again; Preparation

A/N: I is late, I know <_<  I totally forgot about this, but at least I’m still posting this week right? =.=

Anyway, I’ll just start..



Gliding through the doors of the test arena with practiced grace, the girl with silver eyes prepared herself; surely the teacher was going to order them to pack for this journey through time. A simple dual strapped bag will do to carry a few articles of clothing and other essential tools for survival. Unfortunately, she was quite wrong, the only things they had were thrust into their hands before being shoved roughly through the portal. Well, at least she was smart enough to dress herself in training clothing instead of the thin strips of cloth some of the girls wore.



Before, Once Again; Morning

A/N: Not counting the title or A/Ns this chapter is 100 words, it’s also a bit old (seeing as how Yumi got this brilliant idea from staring at the drabble series I wrote before she started her story) and so, not quite how I write at the present moment. Luckily, before too many chapters, Yumi tool took it off my hands xD

Mkay, enjoy!


The thin drapes could do nothing to stop the summer sunlight from permeating the room, a room in a private school, though you can hardly tell from the elegant and expensive looking décor and the vastly oversized bed and room. One Accrosia Kustralen stretched a pale arm over her eyes and gave a light yawn to get active air flowing again. Sliding off the side of a velveteen bed, she reached into the grand closet to retrieve a silk fighting uniform that the school has provided. Dressing quickly, she slipped out into the crowded, although silent, halls of Midnight Academy.

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New Challenge!

I’ve been challenged by Yumi to write a 100 word drabble every week based on a story she wrote for Accrosia (formerly Amaya, but it became weird to talk about my character when my username was AmayaYume >_>) Each week, I’ll post a drabble that is exactly 100 words, and every 10 ‘chapters’ I can choose to go beyond or under the limit. (But I might miss a week or two when I’m busy with exams and projects)

In any case, I’ll be posting (hopefully) every Monday, and the next post will be the first drabble of  ‘Before, Once Again’ (Yumi, I think you need a new title)