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Month of June: Lazy

9 (Sat) Lazy

Too much free time doesn’t seem good for her mental health.

“You know, I don’t see how you can stand to sleep so much.” Her finger prodded at his cheek, amused by his unresponsiveness.

“I mean, Saturday is a great day, why not go to the beach? Or even the park?” And then she frowned.

“But no, you choose to sleep, probably dreaming of more sleep.” Aurua leaned back, nursing her cup of chai tea.

“But hey, since you enjoy it so much, I’ll give it a try too.”

It doesn’t look like its’ good for her habitual health either.


Lol, I liked this one xD



Month of June: Crystal

8 (Fri) Crystal

This morning brought no rain, but instead, shining jewels of moisture that clung to the trees, indeed, no rain, but the remembrance of a downpour. The sunlight crystallized the droplets, refracting rainbows onto the window, glorious, wonderful contrast of sunrise and foliag-

“Stop waxing poetic and get ready.”

Her eyes widened. “You can read minds?!”

The tall man simply rolled his eyes and walked away, deftly knotting his tie.


Month of June: Pitter Patter

7(Thurs) Pitter Patter

A glance out the window, and a pair of resigned groans rang through the room. It was ridiculous, it was irrational, it was-

Rain, again.

Aurua took a look at the darkening sky, turned, and promptly flopped back onto the bed.

“I’m sleeping in today.”


Kassen walked out of the room, and she heard the soft padding of his feet as he descended the stairs. Several minutes of light clanging later, he waltzed back in, still clad in pyjamas, carrying twin mugs of warm milk.

She smiled, and they sat, sipped milk, and then drifted off to sleep, soothed by the pitter patter of the rain.


Are they getting shorter? Oh yes, very much so.

There will be very few, if any, after this that will be longer than 300 words, some might even be under a hundred. =w=

Cheeers, MayaYume

Month of June: Blanket

6(Wed) Blanket

Legs in, arms out.

Arms in, legs out.

Half in, half out.

Stomach in, rest out.

All the shuffling around kept both of them awake, one trying to sleep, and the other being kept from it.

“What, pray tell, are you doing?”

“Trying to get comfortable, obviously.”

The other figure shifted again, twisting around so as to nearly hang off the side of the bed.

Knowing that no one could see and call him out on it, Kassen rolled his eyes. Rotating, he faced the other way and proceeded to tune the thick sound of sliding fabric.

Or at least, he tried.

More shuffling ensued, and Kassen finally was fed up by the unending sound.

“I get it! I’ll go and open a window.”


~Lol, MayaYume

Month of June: Bubbles

5 (Tues) Bubbles

A green bottle was held firmly in her hand, the half full container sloshing slightly with each step. Sharp tapping came from a nondescript white and black cubicle, a sure indication that its owner was hard at work.

A likely victim, excellent.

No one noticed her creeping form, the hour set too firmly in their “nothing’s-going-to-happen” time of work. She’ll prove them wrong, oh yes, very, very wrong.

Her turquoise eyes peered over the flimsy wall, grinning at how innocent the brown haired man was, typing with impressive speed the codes that were needed to make the newest machine design work.

Hard at work, even better.

Her hair fluttered about her shoulders as she ducked, the ten or so people in the vicinity none the wiser. Cackling on the inside, she uncapped the green bottle, and carefully emptied as much as she could into a plastic firearm. Looking at the weapon, loaded with the slightly viscous liquid, her lips curled into a cattish grin, can she burst from the shelter of the cubicle wall.

“For the LULZ!”

The trigger was pulled.

A stream of bubbles burst forth, and with every pull of the mechanism, another barrage was let loose upon the unsuspecting man’s head. One Teraus Kaugsburg stress level has been eliminated! Mission complete! It was a happy occasion!

“Ow! That hurt!”

Though she thought slightly otherwise when a well-aimed eraser was launched into her skull from behind.

Note to self, pick a target who can’t shoot a deer with a bow 40 meters away next time.



Month of June: Candlelight


Er, see, my computer decided that it wanted to go kaput, and apparently, I had no say in that decision.

the computer guy came an fixed it eventually, but my word did not autosave, likely the computer restore process deleted the temp file. Leaving me with only what I have posted to the internet. (BTW, I had 4-10 done before it died. Yes, I was feeling inspired and wrote a bit ahead.) So, I’m slowly working on re-writing it all, and posting two a day. Excuse me if I am unable to meet every deadline in a timely fashion, I have 8 tests this week alone, and it’s all going downhill from there.

These are shorter, but in my opinion, better written than the previous versions.

5 is going to go up soon!


4 (Mon) Candlelight

The storm from Sunday night continued to rage on into Monday, making the already despised day even more unloved.

As to be expected, there was a power outage due to the breaking of several lines that carried electricity to the north-western corner of the city, which meant that ASD did not have power, which meant that Kassen Vante was not a happy camper.

People on the street ducked under various hues of umbrellas, but the oddest pair was the couple side by side, one holding a solemn grey one that matched the sky, and the other grasping a cheery purple one, dotted with splashes of white.

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad.”

“A day of unproductiveness is a day wasted.”

Just as Aurua was about to send back a teasing retort, a stray draft of wind carried the grey umbrella upwards and away from where it was of use.

There was a stunned moment of silence, and then, tinkling laughter weaved its way through the drenched air, carrying about the impact of water.

“Looks like fate didn’t want you to add to the gloom either!”

The white haired man grumbled all the way home, both about the “accursed wind” and how he was going to have to replace the driver’s seat.

Aurua snickered privately the entire trip.

Suppressing her laughter once they reached the front door, she urged Kassen down into the basement to take a bath while taking out the small barbecue out from the cupboard.

Downstairs, the tall man patted himself on the back mentally for his ingenious foresight to have the house built on top of a natural hot spring (disregarding the fact that the reason the neighborhood was so expensive was because of this very feature, of course) and slipped in, pausing only to light the scented pools of oil. Not their intended purpose, to provide light, but they’ll have to do. The air was thick with heat, and his almost waterlogged lungs welcomed it, a pleasant contrast of the chill of rainwater.

He squinted at the ceiling, feeling the awkward way his contacts sat on his eyes, and removed them quickly, leaving them on the ledge, confident that he’ll not forget. Running a hand through his hair, he grimaced, the rain never did do anyone favors before, and he was not an exception.

Along with the grime of city dust, he washed away the irritation at being drowned by the same storm twice within a span of twenty-four hours, and walked out of the steamy room content, and in a navy blue bathrobe.

That contentment was smacked down and smothered the instant he stepped into the hallway.

The creak of the door alerted his wife to his arrival, and she beamed at him, proud of her handiwork of lighting the corridor. His eyebrow twitched once, then twice. He’d never admit it, but there was a certain eerie quality to the way the candles flicked against the walls.

“The lighting, it’s… disconcerting.”

Aurua pouted, one cheek puffed up.

“Oh come on, it’s romantic!”

I think my writing skills finally came crawling back, begging for forgiveness.


Again!? Where’s My Challenge Stories?

Well, you saw right, this isn’t a Challenge story, but another interjection.


It is relevant!

I’m going to show you my design process of Kassen Vante!

(I wonder if I can entitle this section “Kassen Revealed”? Hmm…)

Pardon typos and spelling mistakes, I’m working from my ipod here D: (Which has been shattered on the right side…)

Part One: The Name

Kassen was actually a character from Prodigy (which is what the Rainbow series was based off of) A fantasy world of my own making. The main character of Prodigy is Astera Cerivante (ah-s-teh-rah sei-re-va-n-teh) who does eventually leave her home city to extract revenge from her elder brother, Tenkase who she thinks had a hand in the incapacitation of her younger brother, Kasen Cerivante.

So, thus, I added another “s” and kept only the “Vante” to create the name you see now.

Part Two: The Look

Kassen Vante, contrary to how his hair suggests, is a strapping 2x year old. Why does he have long silver hair? Who knows!

I’m just kidding.

I was doing the sketch with pencil at school and I was too lazy to colour it. So his hair’s white.

Just kidding again!

The real reason is that I based his off of Kasen, who, because of human experimentation in Prodigy, has lost all the pigment in his hair and looks legitimately albino because the whole family has silver eyes. Neglect has allowed his hair to grow out of control and long, so I kept that part too.

His eyes I had changed to “gold” because I wanted a colour that could exist, but still like the silver from the other story, thus, precious metals, done.

His NTK (Need to know) stats go like this:

Height: 187cm
Weight: 150ish? I dunno…
Hair/eye: white/very light brown (gold)
Wears glasses sometimes. Wears contacts for work.

Part 3: The Personality

At this point, it’s not solid, since, like I said before, I develop main characters as I go along.  But, I can tell you a summarized version of the personality traits I gathered from what I’ve already written.

(At this point, I just realized I may have unconsciously based him off of Sesshomaru from Inuyasha at this point. :L Wow, I’m retarded)

As the heir to a multibillion dollar company for applicable technology, he’s a self confident, well learned individual. He’s also developed a problem of being used to being better than everyone around him, a superiority complex. Kassen sees no point in wasting breath on people, thus, short, clipped sentences. Straight to the point and as blunt as a plastic spoon. (You see what I did ther- *shot*) He’s pretty petty, and can hold grudges for days until his ego’s stroked again, or bribe him with various foods from Phantasy Cafe.

Very used to a schedule, as his childhood was based off of a set timetable, but on weekends (especially Saturdays) all bets are off and he’s asleep till three in the afternoon.

He’s nice to a point, and very nice to people he doesn’t deem inadequate. When he feels like it.


Likes: Sweets, spicy foods, reading, punctuality, and co-operative keyboards.

Dislikes: Cats, messiness, loudness, and “stupid people”.


That’s all I got, so… xD


(GUYS, I GOT THIS. I’m posting 4 and 5. Check 4 to see my circumstances.)

Month of June Challenge: Lightning

3) Lightning

Aurua sat, waiting for the tall, graceful, umbrella carrying form of Kassen to arrive, and then chuckling as he ran his fingers through her hair, amused by her concern. Then, right afterwards, she would feel embarrassed and deny that she had waited or worried at all.

But for now, she’ll keep waiting.

She nibbled on her nail, finding no other way to distract herself from just how extremely late he was getting home. It was a routine business meeting in the next city, an inconsequential three hour drive separating them, and yet…

She feared.

The house wasn’t dark, and she was in no way afraid of a natural phenomenon such as a thunderclap, but the chill of worry didn’t leave her bones, and the buzzing white light of the kitchen only made the world seem paler, losing the colour of confidence in troves.

A distraction.  She wrung her hands together, but moved to grab a book from a nearby shelf. Yes, a distraction is what I need.

Just as the soft tenors of imagined voices and drifting scents of tea soothed her frazzled nerves, the door slammed open, and the terrifying image of a shadow of a man, tall and dripping with water wearing an ill fitted coat, seemingly seeking refuge from the storm.

No umbrella, no suitcase, no irritatingly perfect hair.

Who was this?

A streak of lightning split the weeping sky, the slap of rain an indistinguishable staccato against the stone of the entrance. Silver strands glowed for the mere moment the lightning had existed, but that seemed enough.


He grunted in response, clearly unhappy with the state of his image.

All vestiges of her worry now proven unfounded, she allowed the tenseness of her muscles to dissipate and she fell easily into more familiar territory of light teasing. She grasped the long braided rope of his hair and twisted, leaving a puddle of earthy smelling water on previously pristine floors.

“You look like a drowned bunny! In fact, you remind me of that rabbit I used to own, whose body is 99% fluff!” Aurua carried laugher in her eyes, obviously imagining how he would look with the ears and buck teeth.

The death glare he deemed worthy to impart upon her wasn’t the most frightening when she still compared him to the fluffy animal who could do about as much damage as talent Kassen possessed over the stove.


Man, is it just me or can I not write at all lately? :c



Month of June: Sprinkler

2) Sprinkler

For someone as punctual and military as Kassen Vante, he seemed to enjoy lazy weekends more than anyone should. A complete contrast from the tight schedule of waking at six and sleeping at eleven, the Kassen on Saturday tended to sleep well into the afternoon.

Aurua spared a glance to the window, staring at the rows of large houses, and well cared for yards. The neighborhood they lived in was a quiet place, filled with well to do people from all walks of life. Though all the homes were by no means small, Kassen insisted that they live in the largest of them all, a three story mansion that covered the entirety of the end of the cul de sac.

“Hmm, two in the afternoon, I think that’s enough water to the grass.” Already, the sprinklers had been on for the past three hours, and any more water seemed to be useless. With a firm nod, Aurua padded outside to turn the two knobs that supplied water to the various sprinklers that dotted the lawn.

Just as she leaned down to turn the first faucet, the sound of laughter drifted across her ears, several high voices shrieking their joy to the sky. She followed the happy sound, and peeked around the bend of the house to spot six children from different households making a game of leaping under the sweeps of water, knowing no other than the feel of cool droplets falling onto their skin.

Her feet carried her to the patio overlooking the front yard, leaving behind her intention of cutting the water supply.  Who was she to deny the children of their play? She observed their process of making games as they go along with a slightly longing eye, and she ran her thumb across the surface of a diamond ring.

Perhaps one day, she would have children who would light up the neighborhood with giggles of their own.

D’aww, yes, say it with me, d’aww!

Okay, it was crap, I know, but at least I got my point across!


Month of June: Sun

I wrote it a while ago, but I guess I never got around to posting Q_Q

1 (Fri) Sun


Yes, that’s it, bright.

Immensely, irritatingly bright.

It insisted upon streaking in though curtains, and falling directly into the eyes of one Aurua Vante.

“Alright, alright! I’ll get up!” She stared at the table beside her, eyebrow ticking as she read the numbers splayed across the display of the alarm clock.


She resisted the urge to inflict pain upon something, and turned to Kassen, who usually rose with the sun, sleeping peacefully in the shadow cast by the wall.

The dark haired woman contemplated waking him with a poke to a cheek but decided against it when she saw the dark circles under his eyes.

Well, I’ll just let him enjoy his insistence upon sleeping on that side.


I love those two, since they’re my only characters that are set in modern day, which makes me sad, but whatever. ;D

To get their personalities, and story, I do suggest reading the past Challenges that involved them =3=

Sprinkler is coming soon!