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My current WIP

LOL, hi, I’m giving you people a WIP because my friend needs the wep design… plus, I think that it’s an okay art thing…

here’s the Pshopped one…

and heres the sketch:

The design for Accrosia, but recycled into one for Viadante…


EDIT: LOL, well, I tried something… and it looked cool! xD so I’m posting another version of this picture!

Delusions 1.2

A/N: Okay, so here’s the second installment of Delusions chapter 1. The entire copy and paste is 333 words =)

Insert rainbow pagebreak here!

Mysterious golden eyes snapped to the slight sound of exhale from his right, searching for the one left alive. ‘Strange, there seems to be no life force left here, but…someone…is there.’ Dangerous suns narrowed at the spot that contained the subject of his confusion and he straightened his back to tower over his petite enemy.

The reaper let out a tiny ‘eep!’ of fear when she felt orbs of gold glaring at her form, falling backwards into a pile of rubble that clanked down the narrow stairwell. She winced with each impact on the stairs below, sinking lower and lower unlit she swore that she had melded into the stone, and she carried a hope that she indeed had (this wasn’t the first time something strange happened) until a large hand grasped her throat and held her high in the air. Long, inky hair fell in midnight waterfalls, obscuring her features from view.

“What are you doing here, Reaper?” His tone was as if an Arctic wind had swept across the rooftop, piercing Accrosia’s still mortal heart.

Her mouth opened, but no sound came out, before finally she managed a weak “Let.. go..” Lacking precious air and knees strong enough to support her weight, she crumpled to the ground in a shivering heap of silk and flesh.

Here the angel began his interrogation.

“Who are you?” His voice still resembled an iceberg.

“Accrosia Northright.” She said, propping herself up onto the obsidian symbol of death, only to fail miserably and embarrass the newest reaper in front of her mortal (or immortal, as the case may be) enemy.

The corner of his mouth kicked up in an amused smirk, attention captured by her naïveté of the common discourtesies in the Warring world.

“Just because that was rather interesting, I’ll give you the pleasure of knowing my real name.” He dropped into a mockery of an elaborate bow. “Kalistar Krustine, milady.”

Disturbingly silver met smooth gold, clashing in a silent battle for the upper hand.

R&R, MayaYume

Random Epic Note

Okay, Delusions is getting a huge overhaul because I decided that it was way. too. boring.

yes, boring

Thankfully, I’m going to be working furiously on the D.2 (Delusions, version 2) Project so there won’t be too many changes (I hope)

Why am I going to be working furiously?

I’m entering a little contest my friend created! (and just for me, I can submit a chapter instead of a short story)

I hope to see you on January 2nd, hopefully with you have read 2000 words of Delusions, Chapter 1


Tata for now, MayaYume

Yay, random drawing~

Like the title says, its just a random drawing, and this is so I can print it at school… seriously, thats it.

Don't you just love the fox ears?

Delusions 1.1

Hello everyone!I’m back with the first installment of the actual story! *flings confetti in the air, only to have it all plop down on my head*

Anyway, to you people that read the prologue thing, those are previews and intros, completely ignore those okay?

Anyway, have fun with the story!


Insert ninja pagebreak!

Water dripped from the ceiling and formed darkened pools of water that threatened to overtake the floor. She shivered; this was the type of setting that gave her the chills, whether it be from physical or mental forces. She could have sworn that the water looked red for a moment.


Every sound that echoed through damp and abandoned building sent a shudder through her silk clad body. She couldn’t help but think that all the tiniest movements hinted at a looming evil, waiting to pounce on her tense form. Sharp, alert eyes scanned the room, looking for telltale signs of freed souls or angelic beings. A trail of glowing aura led to the floor above. So she followed the tail of light.


It was a disgustingly majestic angel, devouring the pale light that were the humans’ core, hands stained with blood of the people slaughtered around him.


Her eyes widened and pupils diluted to a shocked sphere.


An Angel took a healthy person’s life…


Delusions (part…6?)

A/N: Well, I have now officially run out of things to post… so, the ‘updates’ are going to be INSANELY slow…just a warning…

Death cradled my soul, and I leaned into its forgiving embrace. A gentle hand slides itself over my blurring eyes, condemning me to eternal darkness. I can almost see the red flower of blood that bloomed on my chest, each petal reaching away from the dagger that imbedded itself deep into my lung cavity.

and so the child falls into a deep sleep

ashes falling gracefully around you

warm hands carefully wipe away any tears that may have fallen

I’ll take you to a land full of happy memories

A place where the sky is always blue

would you like to come with me where sadness doesn’t exist?

If you do, smile a happy smile to let me know…

Is death supposed to be this comforting? I can almost swear I can hear a woman’s voice singing…

Sleep small child, let this warmth comfort you

this darkness is only here so you may rest peacefully

until the day that you have rested well

light shan’t enter your eyes

your memories will become distant dreams

So sleep well, sleep deep, close your eyes and let your mind rest

Tomorrow will bring a new life

It’s warm…

And he closed his eyes to the world forever.

Delusions (part 5)

A/N: Yay! Part FIVE its almost time for me to get writing again…(lol, should I post my OTHER stories that have less than 2000 words?)

Beneath her feet, dead grass sprang back to life, and healthy green tufts withered to yellow pads. However, once she passed, the balance and time was restored and the earth seemed have never been touched, not even the signs of a person’s treading feet.

She was death, and death does not leave markings upon the living plane.

A/N BREAK! Ok, I should get my ass in gear and start writing the actual story instead of making this an unending prologue….WATEVAR, SCREW IT! ON WITH THE UNENDING PROLOGUE! ( I should really make a plan =.=)

Copper and salt

A common metal and a seasoning
Copper and salt

The taste of blood and endless tears

The air hung thickly with a fog of blood that rose from the bodies that lay below. Moving through the red haze was agonizing, not because of the countless cuts she had, but because she could taste the liquid life slick in her mouth, taste death at its worst.

Tears ran down my face, through my lashes, over my blood smeared cheekbones, along the long cuts that was littered across my cheeks, and dribbled down my chin leaving a trail marked by the voidance of blood. It dripped onto my clothing with a crimson splash, not that it changed anything, my once pristine silver robes were now full of rips and pairs of holes and bloomed fields blood flowers.

A battlefield of tragic death and endless sorrow…

Delusions (part 4)

A/N: Wee! Part 4 already! Ehh, I have no idea how I’ll get this past this phase of ‘I’ll just post what I have already instead of writing more’ >_>

in any case, read, review, and drop a comment!

*insert really big page break here*

I hate the nobility here, yet I had one of the highest positions in this aristocratic world, a duchess. My shoes clicked against hard stone, and I paid no mind to dull surroundings.

A person came to me, asking my opinion. I replied.

“I regret the fact that our investments has gone to the wind, as well as the imminent downfall of his empire. However, I do believe that there are advantages, however small, and we must make every effort to pounce upon any and all loopholes that reveal themselves to us.”

Women glanced at me in admiration that might have been tinged with just a bit of indignity, as, in times of old; no woman was allowed to speak their mind. Men stared or sneered for the same reason. I might be getting both fan mail as well as hate mail.


A braver lady came to me and asked if I had gotten into my husband’s letters. I gave her a dismissively flourished sentence to decipher. Who cares, I don’t care for this party.

“Perhaps you would assume that. However, I assure you that I am free of the bounds of marriage, and I would prefer that you not dismiss my intelligence by assuming that a lady cannot gain a title on her own.” (At this point, I realized I may have generated more mail for my poor servants to sort through) “If you do wish to believe that, I suggest you keep your old world thoughts well away from me.”

I spoke like a damn noble.

Nobody minded.

Because everyone here spoke that way.

Because I was standing in the Palace of Versailles as a diplomat.


Me? Lady Death? (They should be happy with the fact that I’m tolerating THEM)

My surroundings were depressingly familiar, crystal chandeliers, mirrored walls, between each an ornate painting to decorate the wall, flouncy dresses and penguin like men (at least the animals were cute enough to make up for it) dishes of every and any flavor was served.

Other than the type I preferred.

All around me lights are given off by thousands of candles and deftly reflected by shiny silverware, the meticulously cleaned mirrors, crystal goblets and decorative gems strewn upon the people in all the colors that can be seen by the mortals’ eye, even polished shoes gleamed with a undeniable shine.

It was disgusting.

All that waste that could have been helping the poor of France has been wasted upon these Angel wannabes.

I bore of this party of humans whom act like those stupid angels. Preying upon the weak, gaining wealth and position just as those feathered monsters gained power and favor.

I waved away the people surrounding me with a casually flourish twist of the hand, children and old people whom look more than triple my physical age, attempting in vain to gain my near non-existent favor (however, they had no idea just how much more my favor would bring them, just to name the biggest one, immortality, should they wish to gain it)

All but one.

It was a young boy, rather similar in age to my appearances, with a face that is the definition of aristocratic features. However, long midnight forelocks hid his shimmering amethyst eyes.

Colors that suggested fortune and power…

Power that he was hiding as subtly and a beacon in the night (and boy was it a bright light, was I really that bored to not notice it? In fact, I’m surprised that nobody’s tried to attack him yet)

He was power, and power is certainly something I will always seek to acquire.

Delusions (Part 2)

A/N: Hi! time for my second post under the actual Delusions story. *gets overinflated ego from some people wanting more, but seconds after deflates into a pile of exhausted goo* okay, okay, on with it you two (maybe three?) people actually reading my crap >_>.

I rushed toward the burning building that now had turned into a giant bonfire. My eyes searched the night sky for any trace of the souls that have been released from the burnt and dead bodies within the building.


I found none.


I feared that perhaps the angels have gotten to them, and searched the inside of the building for any sign of the creatures; the normal clues are the white feathers they tend to leave after flapping their wings in joy.


There were none.


None until I came upon a black sticky mass of an unidentifiable substance which held the glowing souls prisoner. There was an entire eight souls that should have been up in the sky like a beacon of light. That should have been my first warning that something was amiss.


Too bad I ignored it.


Character Introductions; Hiro

Well, seeing as how I actually have a picture of Hiro, I’ll put him as my first CI ^^

Random Disclaimer: this was taken off of http://www.elfwood.com/farp/thewriting/crissychar/crissychar.html so go visit them there!

And here we go!

The Questions
Date this form was created: Oct, 23, 2010
Full name of Character: Hiroki Kurohana (in Delusions, appears as Kline Kustralen)
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: hmm, nothing, truly >_>
Nickname: Hiro
Reason for nickname: shortening
Race: Demon (in delusions, a high level Demonic god)
Occupation/class: Businessman (God of Limbo)
Social class: Duke (God)
Physical Appearance: Charismatic
Age: 17/ ~400 (in Delusions, he’s ~1500))
How old they appear: 20
Eye Color: Black
Glasses or contacts? Nope
Hair color length and style: purple (Hiro: PURPLE IS NOT A GIRLY COLOUR)/short/messily layered
Weight and height: ~150, 174cm
Type of body (build): Average
Skin tone and type (i.e., harry, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): average.
Predominant feature: The pairs of earphones he always has (Delusions verse, the bright violet tophat with azaleas)
Is s/he healthy? Yup!

Char’s favourite color: Purple, obviously ;D
Least favorite, why? Pink, everyone teases him, saying that his hair is that colour
Mode of transport: Giant black dog
Hobbies: Listening to music, writing, bothering his family members
How do they spend a rainy day? look above

Are they a daredevil or cautious? Thank immortality for everything
Do they act the same alone as when with someone? nope, when alone, he’s much more quiet…until something catches his eye
Habits: Drumming fingers

Mother: Asteia Kustralen (formerly Asteia Alaie)
Relationship with her: Fine, if not slightly distant
Father: Tristan Kustralen
Relationship with him: Horrible, as he is mischievous to a fault
Siblings, How many, relationship with each:  6, and very close with all of them
Attitude: Playful, troublemaker



Delusions (Part 1)

Angels, malicious creatures those are. Humans seem to see them as guides toward heaven, but, we demons know the truth. They are creatures that are normally too weak to prey on the strong and healthy, and instead turn to the dead and dying for sustenance. Instead of beings that are kind and loving, while helping departed souls make a smooth transition from living to death, they will suck the soul from the body that’s no longer in any shape to hold up any type of resistance and guide them down their throat into eternal damnation.

How do I know this?

Why, because I’m that figure in nightmares with a towering scythe, always with glowing eyes and a hooded figure. The grim reaper.
I am, in fact, the ruler of the demons and also a god (oh, why did I ascend? Those gods with nothing to do just refuse to shut up!)

But… in the last few years, the angels have become restless. (Although I think that MIGHT be because I killed their leader… BUT I HAD A GOOD REASON! I was digging through her innards, looking for the soul that she ate 50 years before its death date, I even checked in my book)

Delusions (intro)

Alright people! I’m here to start something that might get at least SOME interest going for me! (or, uh, maybe not) I need moar hits! >_>

*cough* anyway…

I’ll be posting it a few paragraphs at a time at random intervals, so, until I can organize [really, I doubt that would ever happen] all of my schedules (as things are still being added to said underused device) and make some time for writing (and getting someone to read it over) I doubt that it’ll go much further than the 2000 words its at now this year.

I’m writing this under the impression that nobody ever visits my blog. (I really think that that is because I’m boring and have no lif- moving on!) If anyone can prove me wrong, drop a comment and I shall endeavor to make an effort towards writing Delusions.

Yes yes, I’m ridiculously long winded for someone who has nothing productive to say, I argue that this is a vital skill in writing essays (and pleasing dragon like teachers)

Oh, geez, have I gotten so far from my topic that its a mere speck on the horizon in a different country? *looks around* I believe so…oh dear.

In any case, I shall be expecting fanart! (no, actually, that’s a lie)


EDIT: look below for the actual intro:

Title: Delusions


Author: Amaya no Yume


Date started: June 10th 2010


Chapters: TBA


Pairing: no idea


Rating: T


Genre: Horror, adventure, Fantasy, romance if that idiot bothers me enough


Betaed by: TBA


Warnings: Drabble-y tendencies, disconnected ideas, made up real-ish words aplenty, and if you think that the image of angels should not be messed with, I really don’t recommend reading this. There might also be some mentions (or graphic descriptions) of them being torn apart…


SUMMARY: A power struggle, a death, a boy, an immortal, and time. A story that will unravel itself only when it’s meant to be. With things not of the earth, even fate cannot tell what lies within the fog of the future.