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Midnight Hours

Midnight Hours, REPOST

Here’s the copy and paste from FO!  Actually, it’s Yumi’s post, so its way too disconnected. If it’s weird, its because I reposed this before I read it…Well, this is partially mine, and so, you should recognize some of my writing.

Hello! xD It’s the AMAZING YUMI! Midnight Hours is a Black Cat fanfiction that is the brainchild of Maya’s newly found obsession with Train Heartnet (wow, I’m astounded that she all of a sudden got into Black Cat again, AND FANGIRLED! xD to whoever got her into it, I thank you)

HEHE, the lovely Maya has come up with this epicly astounding storyline for our Black Cat fanfiction. I just thought that maybe I needed more…spice. CAN YOU TELL WHAT I WROTE AND WHAT SHE WROTE APART? If you can’t (unless you were reading the context) that’s how it should be! Our styles are remarkably similar; she just has a romantically challenged mind, so, I FILL IN FOR THAT PART! xD

We learned and wrote together for years now, ever since we began in fact. If we don’t sound like the same person, I don’t really know how much closer to it we can get.

Pay no mind to the creepy person in this part, he’s important, but not that important to Midnight Hours. He’s just the catalyst for the entrapment. Don’t worry too much about him, just your typical childhood friend who’s in love with our heroine, I know, but poor guy’s being used… Uh, btw, we made him up because we needed a character for, you know, this…

Well, in any case, onto the story! We hope you enjoy! (One of these days, I’m going to lose enough brain cells to not be able to operate anymore…)

Midnight Hours

A Black Cat Fanfiction

Co-authored by Yumi and Maya

Standing in the bleak halls of the hidden castle, two pairs of peculiar eyes glared out from beneath dark wisps of hair. A sudden movement and a flash of metal held the female figure captive, trapped between blade and body, her own weapon uselessly brandished towards an empty hall. Her lips were brought up into a silent snarl, her sharp glance narrowing into dangerous slits. Her pointed teeth ground against each other when the smirk on her captor’s face widened.

“So, Princess, have you ever know how it feels to be normal, to be something that is common, tonot be special?” He held up a gleaming syringe, the bright, champagne coloured liquid splashed wickedly against the sides of the container. She flinched away from the needle point, leaning back far enough to be able to rest her head onto the offender’s shoulder; her grimace grew as the syringe was brought closer to her neck.


He simply widened his mocking grin and brought the malicious sliver of metal to graze her throat, coming to a stop at her pulse, leaving a trail of amber liquid tainted with red.  The stinging at the tiny cuts was ignored in favour of asking her question.

“Why?” It started in a whisper, but she was sure he could hear, given their proximity.  “WHY DO YOU DO THIS?! WHY ARE YOU BETRAYING ME?” The change in volume was adjusted to with sadistic indifference. Her tone died down to a mere breath, “why is everyone leaving me, again? Why did even you, someone I thought understood me, do something that hurts me so?”

Her broke her moon-pale skin with a slight pressure on the pump, “Why, princess, because it’s fun.”

She couldn’t lean away anymore.

The screech of pain echoed though the castle as the drug (Nano machines, for MHs) was emptied into her bloodstream, sealing her inborn powers with careful re-arrangement of her cells that connected her with her supernatural power source. Claw tipped fingers dug into the expensive fabric of the sapphire eyed man’s coat, the sharp points easily penetrating the thin layers. She thrashed in agony, screaming bloody murder until her voice became raw from the abuse. Then, silence, eyes squeezed shut and mouth open in a continuing silent pain, it was as if the muscles inside her body refused to move. Reflective metallic eyes dulled to an empty grey and her body fell limp against the taller figure, grasping fingers unfurled from the fabric they were clenched around, falling to hang lifelessly at her side. There was a pause, the man seemed to relax and leaned the prone form against the wall.

I’m sorry… I hate playing the villain, not for me, but because I need to laugh when I want to cry, hurt you when all I want is to hold you close… But, this is destiny’s decree, and I…must obey…

Gently, in a way that is so contradictory to his earlier personality, the man scooped her up, one arm cradling the fragile girl around her shoulders, her head fitting easily into the indent at his elbow, and other arm sliding under her knees with practiced ease. Footfalls were non-existent as he turned on his heels and walked toward the door emblazoned with a carved hawk. A few meters away from the event, echoing clicks of soles appeared with a shimmer of dispelled magic.

With a feather light touch, he placed her onto the pure black sheets and sat beside her. His hand reached down to brush away a stray lock of hair, then, almost as if he was shocked, his hand retracted, placed down onto the soft bed, and contented himself with watching her in her force induced sleep.

Rising to leave, he swiped away nonexistent dust from his mended clothing but a small whimper from the tiny girl behind him quickly captured his attention.

“Please, stay; don’t leave me, alone, all alone, please, not again…” The weak grip did nothing to stop him, but he didn’t make any more movements to suggest leaving. His gaze softened, a tiny, sad smile graced his lips. “To already be moving, you really are a monster.”

He shed his coat and his boots, remembering only now the slippers that his captive donned. He moved to remove them, and hesitated, trapped by unfounded fears. Shaking himself mentally, he gingerly slipped off her silk shoe, the ribbons that bound it to her calf were smoothly slid from her legs, tied in a tedious bow, and placed on the floor without a sound and the other slipper quickly joined its pair on the floor.

Raising his legs onto the bed, he held fast onto the tortured girl, who made a pathetic attempt at leaning into his warmth, and draped the thin blankets across their bodies. Moonlight spilled in from the window, allowing him a view of sooty lashes laying in a dark crescent upon alabaster cheekbones, eyelids hiding empty eyes…

No… it had to be done…

Pushing the darker thoughts from his head, he clutched his source of both grief and joy closer, and fell into the deep abyss of dreamless sleep. The steady beat of his heart and whisper of breath drew the traumatized female from her state of frenzy and drifted off to a restful unconsciousness.

Hey, Yumi here again! I’m so glad that I got to contribute to more than a few sentences here and there like I did in Delusions, this, I wrote half, no, MORE than half! (well, no, but it’s my glory moment, shut up)

Maya’s A/N: Well, I need to go post this onto MayaYume’s MC.I blame you if there’s anything wrong.