Let's all be random, shall we?

Punnishingly Magical

Punnishingly Magical: Two

“Have you started the assignment?”

He cracked open the freshly-printed paperback, curling the cover back. Rules and Regulations Regarding Anti-Gravity was by the illustrious Prof Morrison, recently decorated; he had surprised scholars by deciphering centuries-old tomes, writing an incredibly elegant magical program.

Hours passed, the sun creeping into the snug covers of nighttime. The boy, brushing an auburn strand from his damp forehead, leant occasionally to his rectangular device, executing the program presented. When he felt the tug of sleep, the moon was high.

However, the charm seemed to work too well. The anti-gravity book was impossible to put down.


(I won’t be claiming this one, since it was agreed to alternate authors :>)

Punnishingly Magical: Intro and One

Yay! Okay, so, I’ve worked out a whole new concept. Each little chapter drabble will contain a pun unless otherwise stated. So, when it’s truly subtle (like the “b”) it’ll be an adventure of sorts to sniff it out.

So, the setting is in the same world as Colours of a Rainbow. There are magical institutions, and not all of them are as underhanded as Erydia’s. This takes place in a city-state named Dylios, and that is all. The setting will be developed as time goes on and more drabbles are written.


Let’s go 🙂


One: Window


Light filtered through the tall window with curtains she never bothered to pull shut. The sunlight had no business streaming into her room! Technically, it didn’t really exist on the physical plane, as it is one of the many tiny dorms charmed into becoming a majestic high ceilinged room.

With a teeny tiny window.

That the sun somehow honed in upon with deadly accuracy.

Deadly for her blissful unconsciousness, that is.

Allise decided, as the probably unnatural rays of purposeful energy seared her eyeballs, condemned her vision and cheered the lilac room…

Floor to ceiling windows are such a pane!