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9 Ways to Pretend You’re Good at Cooking

When at a friend’s house to help out or something- especially when they don’t have too much hope for you.

1) Learn basic knife skills. Like actually. I can’t begin to tell you how many people can’t cut things properly. In fact, just holding a knife correctly will make you seem 93.2% better.

2) Salt your water. Do it. Really.

3) Don’t insist on following a recipe exactly. If someone wants to swap out half and half for coconut milk, let them do it if you’re totally okay with the taste.

4) Clean up when it’s obvious that the pot does not need to be watched/stirred constantly. 

5) Remember, generally things in a dish are supposed to be about the same shape and size. Don’t dice peppers and slice onions.

6) Add oil to pans and stuff. ._.

7) When making soup, find any herbs and tie them together. 

8) Figure out what a few basic terms mean. AKA: blanching, julienne, ect ect.

9) OH MY GODS JUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO DICE AN ONION. (and use a sharp knife, your eyes would thank you)



So, I thought that I should post things, since I really don’t do much anymore here…

So, I thought that I should post things, since I really don't do much anymore here...

I am now an exec of a club at school, and apparently the first task is to break the news to the people in the club.

They expected a long winded text post.





Who’s birthday it is~!


Yeah, das right.



I will make them one day.

With strawberry instead of chocolate.

Oh my god, that would be so pretty but so Asian of me because Pocky.

17 and Baking

Checkerboard Cookies

Yesterday, for the briefest moments, it started to feel like June for the first time.

It’s the last weekend before I’m done with high school classes forever, but rain has drizzled coolly for the past week. The temperature has dipped into the fifties, the wind has blown pine needles all over our damp cement patio, and the moss is drenched with icy water that seeps into your socks. It’s June, and I’ve worn my red rubber rain boots to school twice.

But yesterday the sun was bright enough to warm up our garden bench, nestled between the spindly apple tree and the velvet plum-purple irises. The sky was the kind of blue that makes you crazy – “turn up the radio” blue, “now pull over and dance” blue. Thin clouds stretched out like ferns, and it made you see the sky’s overwhelming vastness, a rarity in hilly Seattle.

On paper…

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Post at Least Once a Week!

Dammit, or I think I’m going to explode for lack of creative outlet, and I really need confidence in my writing again. I’ve started high school and the standards that this teacher holds us to is different to what I am used to. People I used to be leaps above are doing better than me.

It’s horrifying, and if I continue down that road, I’m probably going to neglect creative writing and be like any other student who BS all creative assignments.



That or I’m already there. Anyway, tonight, I’m going to post profiles for the characters I’m going to be using for the new drabble series, because right now, I’m legitimately working on 2.5 hours of sleep. (Anyone that knows me on facebook can check for themselves. I posted something right before I slept, and at school, I commented on it)

Most likely, its going to take place in the same timeline as my Rainbow series. How fun xD


It’s Been a Long Week

And it’s a  short 4 day week.

Man, academic high school is no joke.

Even though I’ve just been there for 3 days, if feels like weeks, and I’ve been kept away from the internet. In essence, I’ve been going to school, doing homework, writing for the writing award, and sleeping. It’s changing me, I’m *squishes fingers together* this close to getting a very well organized and elite planner.

It’s the third day. This is horrible.


Just letting everyone know that I’m not dead yet. Those spares seem nice, and then you realize that it’s just homework time. =w=


I’ve had a Stupid Encounter Today

Caution, serious ranting in this post, I don’t suggest reading, mainly posted this to let off steam and make myself feel better…




100.0, 0x0, 3, 1705032704, 80.0, 0.5, 2.1, 1.2, 80.0, 0.0, 0.3,13, 0.6, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.2, 0.2, 0.0, -2, 0x000000, 0xe00000, 2.0, 3.0, 9, 9, 0.5, 0.7

Happy New Years!

Happy Chinese New Years everyone! xD DUMPLINGS GALORE!

*makes Asianface* SO ASIAN!

*gets shot* Mmkay, >_> I was going to post a pic of chibi Accrosia dressed as a bunny, but I spilled tea all over it. (Yes, tea, I is so Asian)

I might resketch it and forsake the pshopping because I’m that lazy.

I’ll write moar when I have a pic… TT^TT


I would have to wonder….

Geez, I really hope that I don’t abandon my blog, again…if anyone reads this, I do hope that you spam my inbox with messages in case I ever DO create something interesting..maybe..perhaps…psh, as if.