Let's all be random, shall we?


०౦ംഠ०҆’˚’҅०ം◦∙ × ∙◦ം०҆’˚’҅०౦ംഠ०

Present CHALLENGE: Month of June Challenge! (30 Days Challenge)

Thirty days, thirty stories, thirty moments.

You know how it works! I’ve tried to make each day something easy to work with, and will fit together well into a coherent story that will take place within a month. REMEMBER, THEY’RE ALL SEPARATE DAYS, AND THE DAY OF THE WEEK IS IMPORTANT (unless they don’t go to work or school… in which case, not so much, but think, how many people are going to be on a beach on a Tuesday in comparison to a Saturday?)

  1. (Fri) Sun
  2. (Sat) Sprinkler
  3. (Sun) Lightning
  4. (Mon) Candlelight
  5. (Tues) Bubbles
  6. (Wed) Blanket
  7. (Thurs) Pitter Patter
  8. (Fri) Crystal
  9. (Sat) Lazy
  10. (Sun) Sounds
  11. (Mon) Watermelon
  12. (Tues) Ants
  13. (Wed) Sandals
  14. (Thurs) Blooms
  15. (Fri) Squirt
  16. (Sat) Fireflies
  17. (Sun) Glamour
  18. (Mon) Split and Fray
  19. (Tues) Bounce
  20. (Wed) Summer (This is when summer starts this year)
  21. (Thurs) Midnight (This is the longest day of the year)
  22. (Fri) Birthday (YAY ME, BIRTHDAY! And an exam, :c)
  23. (Sat) Sea
  24. (Sun) Jars
  25. (Mon) Heat
  26. (Tues) Ice
  27. (Wed) Welcome
  28. (Thurs) Splatter
  29. (Fri) Off
  30. (Sat) Anticipation

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