Let's all be random, shall we?

Interjection: Explination

Oh god, I’m sorry. I haven’t been able to post yesterday and I don’t think I’ll manage today either. I’ve been pretty sick and was forced to go to school by my mother, which just made it worse, so when I get home, all I’m doing is recuperating. =_=

Anyway, here’s random things that I find somewhat interesting about me and stuff c:

1) I can’t find natural positions for hands all that well because I’m double jointed and some people don’t bend like that.

2) By the same notion, I put on a white glove for the ‘model’ hand in order to isolate the biggest lines and contures.

3) Its a lot easier to braid a full length (which is what I call knee length and beyond, because people have different heights) wig and put it on, then loosening it after its on and brushing out minor tangles.

4) I really dislike symmatry, mostly because I can’t seem to pull it off when drawing (or parting my hair for that matter)

5) I can tellyou exactly what needs to be fixed, and how to do it, but I won’t ever do it for you, because I can’t.

6) I really hate looking at stuff from years ago, even though most people like seeing how they’ve improved, I hate it.

7) The first reaction I have when I get a cut is “Is it bleeding enough for a band aid?”

Yeah… xD

I’ll the Challenge peices as soon as I get time to write them.

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